Unhealthy Weight Loss

As we grasp the different technological innovations we always consider that all of these improvements have their own positive and negative sides, just like what we have in the field of medicine. Despite the fact that medications can cure certain conditions, side effects may inevitably occur. For people still looking for ways to learn how to lose weight, it is important to identify unhealthy approaches. Today, we will go on to specifics regarding side effects of these unhealthy practices.

Unhealthy means doing unproven or known risky methods of losing weight

The common ones are fasting, restricting diets, taking pills and supplements, fad diets that focuses on bizarre preparations, and extreme workouts leading you to the point of fatigue. Though we can never deny that some of these methods actually work in reducing weight, the only thing is that they have their own side effects and in most cases these may outrun the benefits.

Let’s take in consideration your fasting and restricting diets. This means total or partial restriction and sometimes skipping of meals. You may resort to one meal a day or even no food intake for a couple of days. This can definitely help you lose weight rapidly but the thing is the side effects are quite grave. You will have a condition called malnutrition and also some health risks are increased during this period of fasting. Take note that your resistance will become low and you are prone to acquire certain diseases. Another thing to consider is the stalled metabolism. Fasting can result to an altered metabolic rate as your body’s natural response to a famine state. This means that metabolic rate is slowed down to promote energy and nutrients to your vital organs for a longer time. The moment you return to a normal diet, your body will maintain that state and will still have a slow metabolic rate even with the increased calorie intake. This results to more storage and thus return of you previous weight and size.

Fad diets, pills, supplements and other bizarre meal preparations fall under one roof. They are usually highly advertised and thus invite a lot of people to use them. Most people lose a huge amount of money and do not see any single result. Some get even worse and obtain healthy conditions due to the side effects of such untested methods. The vital organ usually affected is your liver which tries to metabolize these synthetic products and meals. Watch out for these and don’t just take your chances.

Extreme workouts and exercise may not be common but for those who have truly exhaust all their energy with this kind of approach, they usually end up injured or having more problems rather than just weight loss.
The best method to really lose weight always lies on the healthy methods. Don’t put yourself at risk and keep in mind that health and weight loss go hand in hand.