The Side Effects of A Busy Life: Why You Should Detox

If you fancy getting in shape, feeling better and less bloated, maybe get rid of some excess water, then you should definitely detox.  But what is detoxing really? In layman terms, it means you are getting rid of the toxins your body accumulate from the bad food and the environment, through your urine, sweat and faeces. Doesn’t sound all that glamorous, but you will feel so much better after committing to a detox for a little while; it really is good for you. The side effects of a hectic work life can often leave you feeling tired and ‘clogged up’. Why not go on detox and bring yourself back to the prime of life?


First of all, it is not just your body you will cleanse with a detox; it is your mind too. It will help you feel better both physically and psychologically. You have to be committed to it; otherwise there will be no effect of the detox. Start your detox around a time when you are sure you can be without certain foods and drinks. There are a few key things you should definitely stay away from whilst detoxing, so you may require your willpower to be turned to max.  You should stay away from alcohol, caffeine and junk food, and focus on eating a healthy, nutritious diet. Vitamins, minerals, fibres and antioxidants are keywords to a good detox diet. And water, lots and lots of water.  It is really all about being sensible about what you eat and to get enough water to ‘flush’ your system properly. There are detox drinks and tablet etc you can buy in the health shop, but you can detox on your own by following the above recommendations.


So what are the benefits? Well, firstly it will make you feel less sluggish. It will wake you up and you may get rid of water retention if you have been struggling with that. It can affect your mood, lifting small depressions. Feeling down can often be related to a sugary diet; being on a high first then crashing after. By getting rid of the sugar you can lighten your mood.  Your breath and skin can improve by detoxing as it creates a better balance of fluids in your body. If you suffer from psoriasis is troubled by cellulites or don’t sleep as well as you would like, detoxing could help you. Many of the ailments like eczema and psoriasis are problems we tend to tackle from the outside. We apply creams and lotions and hope for the best, but the best way to tackle it is by working from the inside out. By detoxing you get rid of the bad guys in your body, and by getting the right oils (omega 3-6-9) to replace them with you can oil your machinery from the inside. With the right diet we can get a lot of the goodness, but it is usually not enough, so take some supplements as well. For example, udos choice or drink aloe vera juice. It really works!


Then there is the weight loss question. Does it really make you loose weight? Yes is the answer. It really does. The only thing you need to be careful of is that you don’t soar again when you finish the detox. We all know how tempting it is to treat yourself a little extra after a diet and then you are back to square one. But removing toxins and water, and in general having a healthier lifestyle for a few weeks, will be beneficial to you if you want to loose some weight.


Personally I find it hard to stick with diets and rules for what to eat and drink, but since you can have an effective detox in a couple of weeks, it’s not so bad. Most people can stay away from the worst culprits for a week or two.  By detoxing your body you relieve it from stress and strain. The strain that your body goes through to process and get rid of the toxins is reduced when detoxing. This means that minimised strain leaves your body working better for longer, which, in turn, means you will live longer. Beneficial for your overall health no doubt!