A Zimbabwean tourism company has suspended bungee jumps at Victoria Falls while they investigate an accident in which an Australian tourist plunged into the Zambezi River. Step onto the platform, spread out your arms, and wait for the heart-pounding “5-4-3-2-1 BUNGEE! Flowtrack, who run the bungee jumping company which employed the man have said it was an accident. Tags: bungee accident press release victoria falls bungee. The jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge is operated by Safari Par Excellence, whose website describes the bungee experience as "111 meters (365 feet) of pure Adrenalin!" The bungee jumper crashed into the river; feet still hung together. Located in ‘no man’s land’ between Zambia and Zimbabwe, take the 111 metre high plunge of a lifetime off the infamous Victoria Falls Bungee Bridge. The Cost To defy death costs $210. “I can confirm that we received a report about one of our employees who got injured while on duty at the Victoria Falls Bridge. Tour operators in Victoria Falls and Livingstone in Zambia have rallied to defend the safety of bungee jumps on the bridge, pointing out that the December 31 accident was the first in 17 years during which over 150,000 jumps have been conducted. Image grabbed from video footage taken at the scene. 10 horrifying bungee jumping accidents, that went horribly wrong, and occurred while the bungee cord snaps, or the bungee rope breaks, while people were actually bungee jumping and it went terribly wrong!Videos and photos of bungee cord breaking, horrible injuries and fatal crashes caught on camera. But accidents like these are not uncommon. Bungee jumping in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Bungee jumping in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls Bungee issued a statement today 6 January 2012 following the incident on 31 December 2011.. Further to our release of the 2nd January 2012, attached below, we wish to further advise the following; Bungee jumps halted after accident BUNGEE jumps at Victoria Falls have been suspended after an Australian tourist plunged into the Zambezi River. Tandem Bungee Jumping 26.09.2010 meggaaaa!!!! So with the recent headline of a Victoria Falls bungee jump gone wrong on the Zambezi means that some 2012 goals may need rejigging. In a flash, I remembered the bungee accident from 2012, when the cord broke off here at the Victoria Falls Bridge. As with any sport or pastime it does come with dangers, safety is reliant on well maintained equipment and adherence to procedures. Your harness is attached to a rope, the rope is attached to the middle of a cable that runs across the full width of the gorge. Safety. The Bloukrans Bridge jump is operated by Face Adrenalin, a company that helped to set up the Victoria Falls bungee jump in 1993. ! Erin Langworthy fell into the raging waters at Victoria Falls when her bungee jump went horribly wrong as dozens of stunned tourists looked on. Young Woman Falls Into Crocodile-Infested Water in Victoria Falls . Fortunately, Afforde suffered just minor injuries and was able to walk to shore where he was taken to a … Next post Did you know? It was the New Year’s Eve, 2012. A Zimbabwean tourism company has suspended bungee jumps at Victoria Falls while they investigate an accident in which a tourist plunged into the Zambezi River, a spokesperson said on Thursday. !” before plummeting towards the raging Zambezi River below. And while at it he took a selfie … There has been one known instance of an accident on the Victoria Falls bridge. They watched as Erin’s cord broke after she jumped from the bridge over the falls 333ft above the river on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia – the equivalent of leaping from the observation deck of the tower at Glasgow Science Centre. A woman has plunged into crocodile-infested waters after her bungee rope snapped. Watch him go through his paces as he decides on whether he should jump! Tour operators in Victoria Falls and Livingstone in Zambia have rallied to defend the safety of bungee jumps on the bridge, pointing out that the December 31 accident was the first in 17 years during which over 150,000 jumps have been conducted. 5. Bungee jump off the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, ... Another alternative to bungee jumping is bridge-swinging, ... Children among family injured in Vaal River boating accident. Bungee Jumping Accident At Victoria Falls: Zambia Tourism Minister Given Lubinda Reportedly Jumps Over River Although the tour operator has insisted that over 150,000 people safely jumped off Victoria Falls bridge without any accidents akin to Erin Langworthy's New Year's Eve horror story , Zambia's tourism minister reportedly felt the need to prove the jump's safety himself. Today Victoria Falls Bridge is a one of the main attractions at Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls Bungee jump, at 111m, used to be the highest commercial bungee jump in the world, but it now takes second place behind Bloukrans River Bridge in South Africa which is a 160m bungee, though the gorge itself is 216m! Will Smith Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe, Zambia HOLLYWOOD A-Lister Will Smith made a surprise visit to the resort town of Victoria Falls yesterday and he couldn’t resist bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge. There are safety features in place to ensure that your jump goes smoothly. No Comment. to bungee jump off Victoria Falls Bridge I toss my bags and hop in a cab to the Zambian / Zimbabwe border. Victoria Falls Bridge Tourism. Tom steels himself to go bungee jumping for the first time at Victoria falls in Zimbabwe. 2020-12-25. Let’s not forget that in 17 years, Victoria Falls Bungee have enabled 150,000 people to safely jump from the bridge — this is (thankfully) the first incident of its kind. Visitors are given tours mainly highlighting the history of the bridge. However, thrill seekers continue to flock to the Victoria Falls Border Bridge to have that experience of a life time and despite their fears and anxiety still continue to jump. Erin Langworthy makes a splash as she plummets into the Zambezi River after her bungee cord breaks during her jump in Victoria Falls. BUNGEE JUMPING WITH TROYE SIVAN. “Between 50 and 100 people who signed up have cancelled and have directly cited the Victoria Falls accident,” said Braden Touhey, general manager of the Bloukrans Bridge jump in Plettenberg Bay. An Australian girl miraculously survived a bungee jump after the bungee cord snapped sending her straight into a crocodile infested Zambezi River. I pass through customs after a humorless immigration officer stamps my passport. Ben Graham bengrahamjourno news.com.au January 15, 2018 8:12am Half of the bridge belongs to Zambia and the other half to Zimbabwe. Is the Victoria Falls Bridge bungee jump safe? I was travelling alone, but I joined a tour group who were going to go bungee jumping over the Zambezi river at Victoria Falls. The Bridge Swing, Slide, Bridge Tour, ... Victoria Falls Bungee. In the middle is a platform 111 meters above the water. In 2009 Mark Afforde was on his second bungee jump of the day, plummeting 200-feet above Canyon Creek Bridge near Yacolt, Washington, when his cord snapped. Somehow that person managed to unfold the tangled bungee cord from the bottom of the river and swim to the shore avoiding crocodiles. Victoria Falls bungee incident. AFP January 12, 2012 11:40pm African Painted Dogs Previous post African viewpoint: Jumping for tourists About the Author admin. Apparently, the reason for this unnecessary tragedy was a miscalculation of the bungee rope. My first activity was to bungee off the bridge that connects Zimbabwe to Zambia. Accidents Do Happen. For adrenaline junkies this is also the location of Shear water bungee jumping, zip-line and bungee swing. Erin Langworthy had jumped from the Victoria Falls bridge above the Zambezi River, when the cord snapped in two. The bridge is also not supposed to be used for bungee jumping, according to Spanish regulations. AFTER this 20-year-old woman fell to her death in a bungee jumping accident, mystery surrounds how it actually happened. Young Australian girl named Erin Langworthy performed a bungee jump from a bridge over the Zambezi river at Victoria Falls, in Zambia. The interview and video of the fall can be found on the BBC News site. Bungee jumping from the bridge at Victoria Falls, between Zambia and Zimbabwe, into the Zambezi Gorge. My first stop in Africa was Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The operation has been open since 1993 and there are 200,000+ jumps without incident to date.

victoria falls bridge bungee accident

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