$("#major3").html(" " + data[1].major1); When it come to the best trout fishing lure colors for fishing it varies tremendously. }); Recently, however, I was surprised where such small lures can still do well. Duller colors when the water is warm and fish are near the surface. This Irish band has changed the usual word ‘red’ to ‘green’ in its song, to encourage overseas Irish to celebrate Ireland whenever possible. The reason for this change is to camouflage and protect them from predator fish. Dave Lear. // The type of request. By Robert Sloan. I’ve seen plenty of action in the water early mornings when the water is like glass. var year=mydate.getYear(); Trout Magnet. $("#date2").html("

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"); They will turn up at some point. More How To. Always start with natural “ghost” colors, then try solid colors, and then whites or chartreuse if the water is stained and they aren’t responding to the first two color categories. But, despite this information, I still use a fairly small selection of lure colors. 5. Even my silver salmon ticers and Zeddies have green prism tape on them, and it is a colour I use a lot when selecting soft baits. Fishability Test: Scout 330 LXF. Can anyone recommend soft plastics or hard top waters for the SPI Bay north just off the Causeway. dataType: "json", Time for a radical plan. Latest. if (year < 1000){ Without delving into the long-winded science, trout can see color fairly well and redfish possibly see color even better. It looked too deep for the Mepps, but some weed on the treble of the Ticer indicated it wasn’t really deep. Best Trout Fishing Colors Metallic Colors. Over the years I’ve leaned towards green a lot, especially spinners, which I imagine represents escaping insects and bugs. Trout are one of North America’s favorite fish, and with these trout lures you will have no more trouble in catching them. Boats. A light color is typically chartreuse, or white, or Matrix Shad’s “Ultraviolet”. Gear. I find a lot of top anglers have a limited range of lures, but lots of colours and sizes in those lures. It put up a dogged fight, but one thing I know about the Panther is that trout don’t nip it, they engulf it. Thank you for showing me the way. My opinion: first it is a natural colour, so is perceived as edible; secondly, green is seen well in deeper water; next, it contrasts nicely with other colour shades; and lastly, being darkish is a good colour in low light such as dawn and dusk. $('#loadingmessage').hide(); // hide the loading message Topwaters, as mentioned, come in an array of shapes, colors and sizes. if (daym<10){ daym="0"+daym;} I tried a few more casts with the Ticer but no salmon there either. More Gear. Many of those little fish are now bigger fish of 1kg or more. year+=1900; At first glance, it appears a dirty-blue with limited shoreline vegetation. My change of mind was because I enjoy chasing landlocked salmon and in the last few years Fish and Game have been releasing fingerlings into the lake. A guide to some of the best lures for speckled trout. 4. I keep a light and dark color handy. Later in the season when shrimp were migrating, he would use darker, preferably light brown, colored baits. Darker colors work fine for the grub body, though some anglers change it out for a brighter color such as chartreuse. The color of a lure has everything to do with catching saltwater fish. With those four basic colors you will be prepared to catch fish at any time of day or night, regardless of the weather conditions. We’ve had success with the ... Heddon Super Spook Jr. Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk. Fishability Test: Scout 330 LXF. document.getElementById('tzone').value= timezone.name(); The trace was frayed and nicked, so I replaced it and retied the little, mangled Panther. Slowly drive the boat around fish holding areas, usually 1.0-1.5MPH. Custom Web Design by Big Splash Web Design, Deep Drop Techniques for Grouper and Tilefish. 10 Best Redfish Lures. Hope that helps. }); How to Use Fishing Lights. If the fish still did not bite he was convinced that they were either not around or not feeding. Gear. Have you ever been fishing with friends and either you or they were catching fish while the other person was not? success: function( data ){ How to Use Fishing Lights. dataString = $("#caldata").serialize(); Gold is almost always the best color finish for the blade. Here Are the Best Trout Lures. Trout have a limited range of colour vision, so it is best in clear conditions. Thank you for the advice I’ll take in and consider it. Situations dictate which style of leadhead, soft-plastic baits match up best. Metallic lure colors like gold and silver are great at reflecting light. minDate:new Date(2007, 1 - 1, 1), Chartreuse, gold sides, white belly has always been a favorite color … Bright lures from the Mepps range are great for fishing muddy waters after a flood. The trout magnet kit comes with 8 jig heads that weigh 1/64 ounce and have size 8 hooks. They are not dumb.”. How To. Trolling a rattle trap next to the bridge has produced some nice trout. The MirrOLure Mirrodine C-Eye Pro is our choice for the best overall speckled trout lure. There are many options when it comes to the color of your lures and a lot will depend on fishing conditions. This makes them almost invisible and lets them blend with the clear water background. Trout respond quickly to intense colors, sonic vibrations and bright flash. These trout lures don’t weigh much, so they aren’t suitable for casting, but do make great trolling lures: Let out 75-150 feet of line. In this article, he t... more >, This year, we’ve gathered some awesome gifts that are ideal for the fisher in your life, whether you’re in the Far North or the ... more >, Flat fishing for kingfish with saltwater flies is a highly technical but rewarding proposition. Green also appeals to both brown and rainbow trout, which is an added advantage. Panther Martin. $("#major1").html(" " + data[0].major1 ); Two Lure Colors. Carry this selection of proven lures to catch redfish anywhere in the world. We like the silver pattern for fishing trout but some of the coloured variety have landed some crackers as well. $('#tbodyid').html(''); // Clear #tbodyid div The wind was howling over the top, and like me, two grebes and a flotilla of black teal were hiding under the bank. $(function() That includes knowing what the best saltwater lures for trout are and how to use them. Two green lures I always carry are the green Panther Martin spinner and the green Mepps Thunder Bug spinner. After hours of on-the-water testing, we've determined that the following 5 lures are indeed the best for catching sea trout. The Best 10 Trout Lures -Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Bull Trout. The lure has two #14 treble hooks and a … There were no salmon about. Single weedless hook out the side which really helps if you are fond of the weeds. $("#major4").html(" " + data[1].major2); Carlos Rogers who fished the Port O’Connor area for years, was adamant about different colored tails and buck tails for baits. Chartreuse and white work as well as a combination of black and red. The glow finishes on some colors make for some great night fishing lures as well, especially when you’re targeting those big mean Brown Trout. $("#date1").html("

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"); type: "post", 1. For trout fishing, experts from Rebel Lures recommend using a straight medium retrieve for the best results. Trout Spinners – Panther Martin in the upper left, and 2 Rooster Tails I follow the same basic color rules as with other lures – bright UV colors when the water is cold. What about the tail colors? }); Fish will surprise you. $(document).one("ready",function(){ Latest. Top 10 Speckled Trout Lures. The colors recommended above do not reflect buck tails or different colors for the tails of soft plastics. I attached the six gram green Panther Martin and, using the advantages of a tailwind, long rod and braided line I whistled him a long way out into the lake. The best thing that you should consider in catching any elusive lake trouts is to use the best lake trout lures that skilled anglers always put in their fishing tackles. Horses for courses also come into play with lures, particularly colours, but green seems to be an all-rounder anywhere. He felt that the tail color would offset any ill-effects of the primary bait color and for that reason always had an assortment of soft plastics and spoons with various colors at the end. These colors will consist of silver, gold, pink, greens, reds, some blue, and yellow just to name a few. { ).datepicker("getDate"); var timezone = jstz.determine(); Types of Topwater Baits for Speckled Sea Trout. Please enable JavaScript to use this form. $("#minor1").html(" " + data[0].minor1); The 11 Best Speckled Trout Lures of All Time Speckled sea trout are one of the most fun fish to catch on artificial lures. A big fish engulfed the lure right under the rod tip. $("#minor4").html(" " + data[1].minor2); The water is still and so am I. var month=mydate.getMonth(); It makes sense. Lure color selection is dependent on water and weather conditions. If you’re new to the fishing world and want to have a general idea about what color line is best for trou t. However, some colors will perform better than others. I parked beside the Lake MacGregor outlet into Lake Tekapo and attached a 28g silver and green wedge and whistled it a long way out into the lake. e.preventDefault(); Siren 3 Pro. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Posted on Sunday, March 29th, 2020 at 12:56 pm | Category Articles, Fishing, Inshore | Tags: flounder, mansfield fishing, norton sand eels, redfish, redfish lure color, speckled trout lure color, trout, trout lure color| Comment |. }); var daym=mydate.getDate(); $("#minor3").html(" " + data[1].minor1); But top anglers know that the only colors you really need are white, black, yellow and your choice of a fluourescent color. Mepps Aglia. Use darker colors like black, blue and violet under low light or when fishing deep. Also, check fishing bait here. I often fish them together, meaning swapping over when water depth changes. A silver spoon with a white bucktail often enticed a hungry trout that was feeding on the small fin fish. Grigar loved to check fish, that had been recently caught where he fished or planned to fish, for their feeding habits. Oftentimes the best speckled trout lures range from 3 – 6 inches and vary in body type. Have you ever been fishing with friends and either you or they were catching fish while the other person was not? This is the way when fishing for landlocked salmon: it’s all on or all off. White and pink were Roger’s favorite colors and anytime he added one of those to a lure and did not catch fish he switched to the other color. Here is a list of the best rainbow trout baits: Worms. Using Multi-Purpose Transducers to Find Fish. Fishing a Trout Magnet under a small float is more effective. I fished there recently for the very first time, as previously I had always believed I knew better spots to catch trout. For muddy waters or heavy, sandy conditions such as those created by strong southwest winds during the late spring and summer, his advice was to wait for the water to clear and not to waste your time. Here, Craig Worthington discusses how to cat... more >, Gene and Nicole Bryant from Strictly Land-based share ten tips for summer landbased fishing.... more >. $.ajax({ Most species show a marked preference for Panther Martin Classic , Holographic and FishSeeUV in-line spinners. Gold spoons with pink bucktails were one of his favorites. Berkley PowerBait. $("#minor2").html(" " + data[0].minor2); var mydate=new Date(); When the speckled trout bite is on, you need to be on your game! Overcast skies or light drizzle, he recommended bright colors such as red, green or strawberry. Black suits dark conditions, white gives excellent visibility in stirred and dirty water, red suits clear, shallow water, while in bright conditions flashy yellow and orange lures work well. $("#major2").html(" "+ data[0].major2); }); All information © 2020 The Fishing Website, NZ Fishing News 2020 Christmas Gift Guide, Kingfish on Saltwater fly - fishing the flats.

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