Wow! I didn’t use round pans. I don’t usually leave review or any comments but here i am. I have never tried doing that and most of the alcohol will cook out during the baking. funny, not many people say how their cake turned out– i guess because it doesn’t get eaten for a few weeks. Haha. Thanks! Can I use Cream sherry to soak the fruit instead of rum? She said, “sounds like heaven, the way you keep calling out for god ! for someone who cant bake, these turned out sooooo goood. All the booze in this one has me thinking it will be awesome! Hi! So, I’ve made the cake and it’s wrapped in sherry-soaked cheesecloth right now. I want to make plenty for gift giving and there’s no room in the refrigerator. Wow! Thank you so much for your comment, I’m so glad you’re such a fan of this fruitcake! Don’t skip this step! How many grams does this translate to? Thanks for sharing! I plan on making this over the weekend! It does have the crystalized Bake for 1 hour, then reduce the oven temperature to But, this traditional fruit cake recipe is simply delicious and well worth it. Thanks. The holidays are hectic enough without worrying about your baked goods sticking! You can get more information here. Will be using Sandemans med dry sherry after they come out of oven tomorrow and for the next few weeks. I haven’t heard of that wine before! I wouldn’t add any more dried fruit (than the recipe calls for, unless you’re substituting one for another) – because it is already very fruit heavy and the ratio will be thrown off. Thanks for the kind words. Thank youÂ. all in all successful fruitcake with dried fruit instead of candied– i think tho i will use a few candied cherries next year– for the festive look they provide! I’m soaking the fruit now. Just one question… This looks really delicious and cute, i cant wait to make one on my own. Is it okay to use London XXX it is a medium sweet wine as that is what they gave me when I asked for triple sec.  I used FOUR 3 x 7 Pans (not quite “minis” with parchment all around – (i cut little surrounds) Perfection at  1 hour and 15 minutes for the test loaf, and because it was so moist, I left the others in for 1:25 just to be sure. I’m wondering if a measurement is off (or there might be a difference in some sort of ingredient compared to my own, since every country’s flours etc vary). What substitute do you suggest for soaking the cheesecloth in if you don’t want to use alcoholÂ. Yeah! Fruitcake totally gets a bad rap — though yes, those neon-colored fruits and other weird bits do scare me. Please do come back and let me know what you think of the cake if you make it! Moist Christmas Fruit Cake – super flavorful fruit cake recipe that is moist and sure to please this holiday season, get the recipe, 2 sticks butter I’m one of the people who think it wouldn’t be Christmas without baking a fruitcake. I love how much fruit you’ve got in this cake…and the fact that it’s been soaked in rum makes it sound extra delicious! Cover up with marzipan and royal icing. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s a good substitute in this case – the texture and moisture level is just very different, and it wouldn’t serve the same purpose. THANK you.Â, Yay! If you’re ever gonna try one, definitely make sure it’s this one. This fruitcake looks awesome. Expensive to make but worth every penny and some. Hope this helps! Hello, Can dark rum substitute with non alcohol liquid? Use an offset spatula to smooth the batter into an even layer. Gingerbread Cookies Starting with this recipe. ), but I do believe it would be fine if it was kept in a very cold area, especially if it was consumed in a relatively quick amount of time. Thanks for the great question. I already told my mom I will be making Christmas fruitcake for the first time this year!! I’m almost positive it is a medium sherry (not dry but definitely not the sweetest either–and definitely not cream sherry!). If you’re using the loaf pan I’m using from All-Clad, no need to grease the pan or add any parchment paper! Hi Dee! Does it matter?  Didn’t have the exact fruits, so improvised, with quite a bit of dates, some dried mango, lots of raisins, some dried cherries, but it really didn’t matter. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your thoughtful comment and hope you’ll have a chance to come back to visit the post and leave a review 🙂. So thrilled to hear this Kim! Thank you:). Goodness, this sounds wonderful! Keep it up Laura. When Should I Starting Baking Fruit Cake? I love it too! I’d love if you could take the time to come back and leave a review/comment. Thank you Karen! Way better than those horrible store bought ones. Butter as well…. As long as I keep resoaking the cheesecloth and keep it wrapped up tight, do you think it will be okay for Christmas (4 months away)? One question about baking time…cause I often get that wrong when backing – either underdone or too browned! Could you get your mother to advise you and update your response please. One question though, is it always necessary to refrigerate this recipe, as I have made fruit cake in the past and always sealed and covered in a rum soaked cheesecloth in a cool place. This fruit cake recipe is easy to make. I have to say, my mom is the pro at making fruit cake, so I am not experienced enough in making it to know if it could be adapted into a traditional round cake form. I wish I could be more helpful! Remove the saucepan and leave to cool. Hope this helps! Tons and tons of dried fruit!! Since this cake has a such a large ratio of dried fruit, we’ll allow the fruit cakes to cool completely in the loaf pans before removing them. I wouldn’t recommend freezing it personally, as the texture would probably change! Add Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. 4 large eggs This fruit cake recipe, which yields two standard loaf cakes, is all about the dried fruit. No part of the content (digital photographs, recipes, articles, etc.) Has anyone tried for just a couple of weeks? Because I dont measure anything, I fail at baking. Hi Jean! If the dried fruit was chopped in the way the recipe states and the amounts/ingredients were measured properly, I can assure you that this cake is anything but dry. Hi , can I skip milk powder ? It will also make it easier to remove. I like the dark chocolate added! Please post more beautiful and delicious recipes. Love the photos and am thinking it is finally time to actually try some fruitcake this year. graye, Don’t worry about the cinnamon and nutmeg addition! My mom uses it for Christmas cake by icing it. When you say to bake until the cakes are ‘set’ – should they be brown? If you love sherry than you might prefer that option. But maybe the rum isn’t really supposed to soak all the fruit? And two more questions for you (or her!). Plan to make more in a week or two! My mom has never used brandy for wrapping – it is VERY high in alcohol content, so I would be a little hesitant unless you’re prepared for an even boozier flavor, since it does not cook off. Thank you so much!!! I grew up with that fruitcake with glazed cherries and bitter fruit My dear mother  made a lovely dark version of it and  would take out those old fashioned tins to bake them in. hello from Canada! Hope this helps! For about 20 years I have made fruitcake with candied fruit and rum. i also used dates instead of figs, but other than those 2 things, i stuck to the recipe. I’m definitely going to try this cake but i also want to try all the recipes you’ve posted. It looks fantastic!! Thats the next best option. You definitely don’t have to soak it for all of that time! graye, Hello Laura! Thank you so much for taking the time to come back and leave a review. I made this cake to see if it would be suitable for my husband to take tramping (hiking). I like both equally, but tend to lean more towards the sherry. Can you please let me know how many grams are your Large eggs? The fruit cake batter is transferred and divided between two loaf pans and baked in a loaf tin at a low temperature for nearly an hour and a half. Means a lot. And We love it! What is the purpose of so many eggs, besides the usual things that eggs do to cakes. In order to line it, you’ll want to cut a piece of parchment that is large enough so that the sides of parchment paper go up all the way on the longest edge of the pan (it should actually end over the top, so that you can grab the pieces of parchment paper from both sides to remove the loaf). At least, that’s what’s in the King James. I just texted them that it was fruitcake time and their response was “let’s get drunk on cake!” Last year, I didn’t start early enough, but this year pI more with it. I’ve got my drunk fruit going since yesterday, And will be soaking the cake till Christmas!  This year I remembered and thought I might tell you so that you can change it for others. I hope I am making sense in explaining these. 54 minutes baking time for the mini-loaves! You’re not imagining thing. It turns cynics into converts. Hope you enjoy the fruitcake and looking forward to hearing your thoughts in a few weeks! Hi Joan! I just started to learn to bake and have followed most of your recipe as a novice. I couldn’t find the metric conversion or by weight recipe. The fruit should almost entirely soak up the rum, so no need to drain the fruit at all. I hope it wasn’t too detrimental that I added towards the end, before the fruit, because I realized I hadn’t added them yet and couldn’t find mention of them in the steps!

moist fruit cake recipe easy

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