Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical. (instruction at the end). It is faster and less CPU intensive and do not use any 3D acceleration which makes it a perfect for older hardware, old PCs. Beitrag von geier22 » 06.04.2018 04:34:36 NAB hat geschrieben: … Crikey, this post is now over a year old. Ich bedanke mich bei jedem der mir durch ein Posting hilft. var DD = dateISO.substring(8,10); GNOME Flashback is a trimmed version of GNOME 3 shell based on GNOME 2 desktop. Package 'gnome-settings-daemon' is not installed, so not … GNOME Flashback (metacity) fills that gap. Support Us; Search. : Desktop icon handling is disabled for GNOME Flashback, due to incompatibilities with i3, and control of the root window is instead given to gnome-control-center, which handles setting the user-defined wallpaper, among other things. Gnome Flashback (Metacity) Neben Unity bringt Ubuntu standardmäßig „Gnome Flashback“ mit, was die gleiche User Experience auf den Monitor bringt wie das alte Gnome 2 – ein stinknormaler Desktop ohne Klickibunti-Wir-Wollen-Unbedingt-Modern-Sein-Marotten. Don't forget to install it if you decide to change that. gnome-flashback (3.38.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium * New upstream release. If you are looking for the complete release information see All Releases below. FreeBSD NetBSD. GNOME Flashback can be installed from the gnome-flashbackpackage. //

gnome flashback install

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