He had done so much damage with his years of meth use, on top of his poorly controlled schizophrenia, that he was incapable of any sort of meaningful interaction with another human being. I don’t mean ‘couldn’t help himself from eating a second cookie.’—I mean zero. Had a child, maybe 8 years, who could’ve modeled on the front of a GAP catalog. He has no purpose, has required 24 hour care his entire life, and I don’t think there’s a single person who has ever worked with him that wouldn’t have gladly taken him outside and shot him in the head if they were allowed to. Honestly, it depends on the day. “Had a dementia patient, among other things I imagine, but I was just the nursing assistant. “When I was doing psych clerkship as a med student, there was a schizophrenic patient with the usual signs: auditory hallucinations, disheveled appearance, no expression on his face. I had to end up calling the charge nurse who proceeded to call security. She was pretty fantastic.”, “Working at a psychiatric hospital at the moment. Then she informed him that they can give him some medications to make the voices go away, and he immediately rebuked that option (mind you, still displaying no expression on his face the whole time). He once ate all the staples out of a stapler before staff noticed what he was doing. He lost one testicle in the 90s, attempted to cut off the other about ten years ago, and this time he tried taking the whole thing off. It’s heartbreaking…Dementia seems horrifying enough when its described as ‘being confused, or losing your mind,’ but it seems so much worse when it’s, ‘repeat your worst life experience over and over until you die.’…To constantly be stuck in the time leading up to your most traumatic experience and reliving it over and over…the very definition of hell in my opinion.”, “Not specifically at a psychiatric ward but had a patient at the hospital with severe dementia. There were staff on hand to help and guide you, activities to keep you busy during the day and opportunities for relaxation. Blow up the sky! It was the beginning of the end for my career working in psych. Sign up for The Lineup’s newsletter, and get the strangest tales delivered straight to your inbox. Had an adult client go outside with a bat and smash a co-workers new BMW. Or share interesting/funny stories that are topic related from others. He admitted to voices talking to him. Blow up the sky!’. mjseu February 21, 2015, 2:25pm #1. She did not meet any typical milestones and would grunt to communicate. Now, crows wind in circles toward the frozen lake. “Brain damage can be absolutely horrific. I didn't know what she meant. Back to the hospital she went. Ten years ago I spent time in a residential psychiatric ward. He was pretty low functioning so it was really hard to process. When I first started working there I just thought she was some fun old delusional lady. When I switched buses, a nicely dressed girl asked me if I was from Colorado. Then, you had new hires that wouldn’t last more than a year, and although I never saw anything physically abusive, I definitely had to report staff being verbally abusive to clients.”. She was even allowed a baby bed and every night she would tuck her baby in beside her bed. We were all thrilled… he came back the following week because he stripped naked in school and threw a desk at his classmate. That name rings a bell. DX'd - Other. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. There was no spark of anything in that 9-year-old’s eyes.

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