We would use Google Maps in conjunction with the Japan Official Travel App: a) Find best route on Japan Official Travel App. By Jill Duffy. 5. While all systems only offer a few seconds warning, they can give you time to get into a better position. Beyond just translating words and sentences, this dictionary in the cloud can help you read Japanese text. We suggest Google Maps to figure out where your nearest stations are. It’s an obvious one, we know, but it’s a good one, especially when paired with our other suggestions. The three things everyone needs help with in Japan. Luckily you won’t have to do that if you download the Travel Japan Wi-Fi application ahead of time. 1. Another similar app with 170,000 spots and auto-connect features to avoid constant signing-in. While it’s not an app, another solid option is Tabelog, which is powered (mostly) by user reviews. Japan's Richest. Pros: Automatic sign in to hotspotsCons: Not as many hotspots (but still loads), poor user reviewsAvailable on: Android and Apple. The app also lets users look up shinkansen bullet train times that can be sorted by speeds and will show you where you have to make a train transfer. By Paula Froelich On 3/19/19 at 10:06 AM EDT. In this site, I am going to tell you the features of the app. Download Google Maps. For more about the people behind this site, check out the profiles of the cheapos. Pros: In English, allows personalization.Cons: Location use while offline can affect batteryAvailable On: Android and Apple. The contender for biggest food encyclopedia of Japan, Gurunavi (short for “gourmet navigator”) is a huge compendium of dinner options. It is available in English, Japanese and Chinese. Train Timetables. As a plus, the app offers discounts for certain events. Providing locations, ratings and reviews of all the veggie-friendly establishments in the area, Happy Cow is the easiest way to find meat-free meals in Tokyo (and beyond). If you’re already planning to use a Pasmo or Suica Card, firstly, well done, and secondly, why not app it up? Plug in your location, and a map will help you to quickly find a place to store your luggage. Episode 75: What will a Joe Biden presidency mean for Japan? Japan’s largest restaurant and gourmet guide, Gurunavi can help travelers find whatever they are craving, wherever they are in Japan. One of the best travel apps for flights, Hopper analyzes billions of airfare and hotel prices a day—as well as its vast archive of historical data—to tell you whether to wait or book your trip. LINE is good for adding new ‘friends’ you don’t necessarily want to add to your real-life social media (meta much). The latter comes with unlimited map download, so if you travel a lot, this app is worth the price. Metro maps are also available offline so you can navigate without Wi-Fi, and the app also comes with a built-in day planner. If you want to contribute to or sponsor Tokyo Cheapo, get in touch. Does just... 2. If you’re aiming to learn while you go, Imiwa and Yomiwa are similar to Google Translate in function, but also offer explanations of kanji and their radicals (the lines that make them up). Paying your fare is also simple, as the app connects to your preferred payment method — credit cards, Apple Pay, etc. Sponsored contents planned and edited by JT Media Enterprise Division. Remember to save the Japanese option for offline use and try the writing option too if your camera can’t read handwritten kanji. Trains are a fantastic way to travel, from the bullet train to the metro. If you have the time and patience, you can translate the reviews to find reccomended dishes, or just use the main page to check stars, location and photos. The best one is the camera function—see a sign, snap a picture and read the contents (it’s especially perfect for menus). To make your life easier (and less Starbucks orientated) you can download these apps (in advance) and get on the net, as the cool kids say. Here's a list of services you can use to make a reservation in English. The app employs the mnenomics method—using visual keys to help you remember each symbol’s corresponding sound. Pros: Reliable due to customer reviews and updates.Cons: Can’t save locations offline, iOS version not freeAvailable on: Android and Apple (not free). There are a few apps that can be really handy, but don’t quite fit into any of our categories. Sponsored posts are clearly labeled with a "Sponsored" tag. The general rule is that anything over 3.5 stars is decent, anything above 4 is great and if you see a 4.5 it’s exceptional (and rare). You can call a taxi with a tap, or make a reservation. Each 2019 destination highlights a new trend, event or feature and will completely elevate your Japan experience. This weird intersection of technologies is not yours to question, but you can make the most of it and use the apps to connect to cards and pay using home funds. Best travel apps – cheap flights>> Get Updates from Locals and Travelers with the best international travel apps. The best travel apps streamline your vacation and help you explore with ease — download these 23 apps before your next trip. Bravolol provides text in both Japanese and English, as well as an audio button so you can actually hear how to pronounce phrases. LINE is an app only really used in Japan and was launched to help with communication following the 2011 Earthquake in Eastern Japan. The home screen colorfully organizes all of the different categories covered: travel, weather, animals, etc. There isn’t an official Pasmo App at the moment, but there are some unofficial options out there (this is also the case for Android Suica users). Coin lockers can be found at most train stations but they’re often full. Map apps are going to be one of the most critical ones to keep... 2. If you’re a keen linguist, you might be well on top of this already—general language apps like Memrise and Duolino are good for building vocab and basic grammar. Novel Coronavirus: Is It Safe to Travel to Hong Kong? With over 200,000 hotspots across the country this app lets you connect automatically, eliminating the annoyance of signing in eight-thousand times a day. Luckily there are a range of apps that will help even the most seasoned of travelers with the language barrier, navigating, things to do, finding free WiFi and more. Granted, it’s not always perfect, but does provide the gist, whether you’re looking at restaurant menus or sign boards. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. To find why we started this site, check out the Tokyo Cheapo Manifesto. The Best Travel Apps for 2019 Explore your world by finding deals, booking flights, knowing when to pull off the road, and getting out of town with the best travel apps. Moving to Tokyo: A Complete Guide for Cheapos, Guide to Arriving in Japan During COVID-19, How to Make a Restaurant Reservation in Japan, Bargain JR East 3-Day 2020 Rail Pass For Foreign Residents, Tokyo to Okinawa: How to Get to the Islands, Tokyo to Osaka: Fast and Creative Ways of Getting There, Tokyo to Yokohama: Trains, Buses and Day Passes, Tokyo to Kyoto: The Fastest and Cheapest Ways to Travel, Japan's Data and Voice SIM Providers Compared (Long-Term Options), Tokyo Escapes: Down the Shimoda Coast with Dream Drive. The app does have its perks, especially since booking reward nights after Nov. 27, 2019 on the website will incur a $5 charge — but not for reward bookings made on the app. 3. Google Translate. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This app doesn’t work offline, which is odd as the regular app does. Hyperdia: the essential transportation app It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Hyperdia is at the top of any list of Japan travel apps. The map function allows you to quickly find a hotspot, and the app can even be used in offline mode. It helps me translate Japanese to English by... 3. This is the food bible of Japan, and while it is in Japanese, Google Translate/Chrome is your friend. Transport: The big one. When planning a trip to Japan, you may be wondering what apps there are to help make your trip easier, and more enjoyable. With over 750,000 readers each month, Tokyo Cheapo is the site of choice for value hunters who want their yen to go further in Tokyo. ... Thursday 3rd January, 2019; Just input the Japanese yen, or vice versa, and you will instantly see the price of something. b) Trace out and follow the route in real time using Google Maps. While most tourist-centric apps offer maps and information regarding transportation, HyperDia will show you recommended routes synced with train schedules. Pros: Reduces amount you’ll need to withdraw, good backupCons: Requires Suica or WAON to connect to, only accepted in some locationsAvailable on: Android and Apple, So along with cherry blossom and hot springs, Japan’s close ties with nature also mean pretty frequent natural diasters (compared to most countries). Really useful applications can solve most problems you worry about in Japan. Compare the different ways to get between the two. To make sure you know exactly how much you are spending at a restaurant or department store, use XE app for an instant conversion rate. In addition to the meaning, you also get the pronunciation in Latin script (known as romaji). Sightseeing Information. There’s an app for that too …. Flashing your Mastercard, Visa or Amex isn’t going to help you much in Japan, unless your in a large store or hotel. Tech-savvy travellers know the best travel apps can be the perfect co-pilots for a memorable adventure. Yokohama is a stone’s throw from Tokyo, but aside from catapults, how do you actually get there? Why? Meanwhile, WaniKani, Obenkyo and Anki all offer a more in-depth experience—the ones below will be great while you’re on the move though. Questions or comments about this article? ), so if you’re planning on shopping it can be handy to have. This makes it great for figuring out routes and getting to know Tokyo. Yusuke-s. Update: Dec 09, 2019 +0 0. From your starting point to your goal, right down to the minute. As an add on to this, use Chrome when you can—it auto-translates websites which helps when researching. Offline Maps. If you need a little help to pack properly and not forget your charger or toothbrush at home, the Travel List app helps you easily organize the items you’ll put in your suitcase. 5. Is travel on your 2019 to-do list? It navigates around a detailed subway map and gives you a simple time, price and transfer list alongside the line you need to catch, and the direction. Note: There is a ‘for tourists’ version of this app—but we’re not entirely sure why, except you might just prefer the interface which is a bit cleaner and allows you to navigate between lines, stations and services like Lost and Found. We love this app! Language, Navigation and Food. Trains are a fantastic way to travel, from the bullet train to the metro. You should exercise careful judgement with any online purchase. 4. Planetyze is a great app for helping you find your next destination in Japan. Taiwan's Richest. Get it and read it before you visit Japan in future. For specific Tokyo travel, this app is good for getting to know the city. We gravitate toward them, because they have their ways making us being loyal visitors. Pros: App allows first and last train search (website does not)Cons: Needs station namesAvailable on: Android and Apple. Google Maps can help you with step-by-step directions to get from Point A to Point B anywhere in Japan. Japan Trains App – Android, Hyperdia – iOS. Photo by Google, Hyperdia, Tokyo Metro and Suica. How to Travel in Japan by train and Shinkansen with Japan Rail Pass. Pros: Great for creepers and discountsCons: Annoying to set up—requires a phone number (so set it up before you leave for Japan) Available on: Android and Apple. The guide recommends detailed articles around the region in relation to your current location. This app is kind of the king of the best travel apps for Japan. . Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi is an app that lets you search for Wi-Fi areas and connect free of charge. Tabelog has photos, extensive reviews and a tough rating system though. I love Google Translate especially when I’m shopping. Pros: Can be linked to Apple or Google PayCons: Only in Japanese, not always smooth running, no Pasmo appAvailable on: Android and Apple. Here's how to get yourself down to paradise. Revel in a unique range of natural terrain. Here’s a selection of useful apps that will help you get from point A to point B, as well as make the most of your time in Japan. So, potentially check out locations here, then see their rating on the Tabelog website. Japan is not so difficult as you think!! Is it fastest and best to take the bullet train (Shinkansen)? The app can also be used to transfer money, check exchange rates, and track up to ten currencies at a time. For actual A–B transport it’s pretty reliable in Tokyo too, but less so elsewhere. For this, we suggest that you combine two apps (or an app and a website anyway). In this guide below I cover some of the most useful travel apps for Japan. This is the most popular app in Japan for earthquake warnings, offering a good early notification system (often faster than built-in phone options) as well as info on the quake’s epicenter and strength. We would say this of course, being a website, but we also promise we’re telling the truth. I would recommend at least knowing hiragana and katakana, although it’s not completely necessary since romaji is provided (romaji is the Romanized Japanese- literally “roman letters”).. And if so, what does that mean for travel to Japan during COVID-19? Best Free Apps for Easy Traveling Around Japan. Let’s start with the most obvious here. These apps more for middle-range learners and great if you want to learn new kanji you spot when out and about. For Android users, you can connect your Suica to Google Pay instead. Japan's Travel Bubble: What Is It, and Who's Included? how to get from Narita airport to Tokyo, which JR rail pass to choose, getting a SIM card and pocket wifi. If you’re not planning on renting portable wifi, or getting a SIM card during your stay in Japan, then finding free wifi will become your new hobby. Looking for some loud fun during your time in Japan? Some of these features are even available offline. Language learning: Get talking. Japan Official Travel App. This for people determined to be adventurous through a mix of English and Japanese apps to make the best of both worlds. NAVITIME… With over 160,000 restaurants to choose from, and only our reccomendations to help you (only kidding—but not really), finding dinner can become slightly overwhelming after a day’s worth of sightseeing. 2. Are you looking for the best travel application for your Japan trip? JNTO App … Moving to Tokyo? See a breakdown of the most popular options for travel–guide to taking the bullet train, bus and cheap flights. Not sure why they haven’t quite caught up here, but keep in mind that even the newest apps—if created by Japanese companies—might seem clunky, unintuitive and sometimes just downright bad. Even if you’re only here for a few days, the ability to get a few sentences out and recognize the odd character can be really helpful. There are also options for highway buses—check them out if bullet trains start looking too pricy! Download the areas you’re traveling to beforehand if you’re not getting wifi, and pre-save locations, then you can find them offline! Surprisingly, the largest food sites — Gurunavi and Tabelog —  don’t have apps in English. Want to book a table? 9 Best Free Apps for Japan Travel. 9 Must-Have Apps To Download Now For Your Japan Trip 1. While you’re here, there’s also personal disasters to consider as well. The Best 2019 Travel Websites And Travel Apps, In … Japan is a cash-based nation and making sure you have some (and knowing how much) is key to having a good time. If you’re looking to send money to Japan we have some tips, and a few for if you’re sending it back home as well. 13. 6. Earthquakes, flooding and landslides are the most common, and while we’re not trying to bring down your holiday mood, if the worst does happen, it’s better to be prepared.

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