Endangered Whooping Cranes winter nearby—possibly at Powderhorn Ranch in the future—and migrant birds stop to rest in its wetlands and woodlands after they cross the Gulf of Mexico. Shortly after settling into Mill Grove, Audubon fell in love with Lucy Bakewell, the daughter of his neighbor William Bakewell. My best friends regarded me as a madman, and my wife and family alone gave me encouragement. Audubon worked briefly as a clerk for Lucy Bakewell’s uncle in New York, while Rozier took a position with a French trading house in Philadelphia. Over the years many authors have written entire books about the Birds of America publication. Whatman” or “J. The following year, Audubon and Lucy Bakewell were at last married, and the coupled settled into apartments at the Indian Queen Hotel. As he wrote of the Louisville store, “I could not bear to give the attention required by my business, and which, indeed, every business calls for, and, therefore, my business abandoned me. The first collecting and painting expedition Audubon made with this goal clearly in mind was in the autumn of 1820, when he travelled down the Mississippi on a flatboat from Cincinnati to New Orleans, in company with a young assistant Joseph Mason, who would draw backgrounds. Audubon's Birds of America; the Audubon Society baby elephant folio. Founded in 1997, the KFF is tight-lipped—they have no website and no staff. London, 2004. Amherst, Massachusetts, (2006), Hart-Davis. The boys both grew to work with their father: Victor would act as his agent in business agent in London during the printing of The Birds of America, as well as in the marketing of the reduced-size “octavo” editions of that work, while John Woodhouse became an artist who closely collaborated with his father on The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. … I seldom passed a day without drawing a bird, or noting something respecting its habits, Rozier meantime attending the counter.”. John James Audubon & The Double Elephant Folio. Illustration: John James Audubon, “The views expressed in user comments do not reflect the views of Audubon. Haley & Steele … by Peterson, Roger Tory and Virginia Marie Peterson Seller James & Mary Laurie Booksellers (A.B.A.A.) Audubon painted a bunch of birds that no one has seen since. These engravings are the largest of the valuable Audubon prints and measure 39.5″ x … England gave Audubon the acclaim and attention that the United States withheld. We protect birds and the places they need. For the next eleven years, Havell and company engraved, printed, and colored the plates for The Birds of America, many of which incorporated landscape and botanical backgrounds drawn by Havell himself. ... From the Original Double Elephant Folio. (Double Elephant Folio 26-1/2" x 39-1/2" +/-) Birds of America prints, since the 1930s. Top Rated Seller. But the name Audubon will ever conjure up images of the Double Elephant Folio: it is sole and incomparable, as much a natural wonder as the remarkable birds it depicts. … I listened less to others, more to him and slowly improved.” In the same essay, Audubon admitted that his first attempts at drawing birds were made when “I was very far from possessing any knowledge of their Nature. Membership benefits include one year of Audubon magazine and the latest on birds and their habitats. So you don't have $12 million to spare? Audubon was born Jean Rabine, the natural son of Jean Audubon, a French sea captain and plantation owner, and Jeanne Rabine, a chambermaid who gave the boy her last name but who died when he was just seven months old. The amount is within the $8-12 million range the book was estimated to sell for and roughly $2 million shy of the record amount paid for an Audubon folio. He describes in “My Style of Drawing Birds” his first trying out of this method. He was particularly in demand for death-bed portraits and later wrote that “so high did my reputation suddenly rise, as the best delineator of heads in that vicinity, that a clergyman residing at Louisville … had his dead child dis interred, to procure a fac-simile of his face.”. J Mr Wilson now examined my drawings with care, asked if I should have any objections to lending him a few during his stay, to which I replied that I had none: he then bade me good morning, not, however, until I had made an arrangement to explore the woods in the vicinity along with him, and had promised to procure for him some birds, of which I had drawings in my collection, but which he had never seen. From United States. This item: Audubon's Birds of America: The Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio by Roger Tory Peterson Hardcover $184.99 Only 17 left in stock - order soon. You can still enjoy John James Audubon's stunning paintings. He had two volumes under his arm, and as he approached the table at which I was working, I thought I discovered something like astonishment in his countenance. Louisiana Heron Pl 373. Stay informed with Sotheby’s top stories, videos & news. It’s the least you can do. New York, 1988. 122 watchers. John James Audubon. Vanity and the encomiums of my friend prevented me from subscribing. But it was more than that, Becker of Christie’s says: “Audubon was striking out into untouched landscape and recording the birds and the habitats as well. John James Audubon: Crazy, Wrong, or Neither? Great condition for a used book! Make Offer - Vintage Print,CANVAS BACKED DUCK, J.J.Audubon, R.Havell, Elephant Folio,Color JJ Audubon Bird Nature Prints Special Custom Built Wood Framed - 34H x 29W $231.00 Revised edition with update by Susanne N. Low. “One fair morning, I was surprised by the sudden entrance into our counting-room of Mr Alexander Wilson, the celebrated author of the ‘American Ornithology’ of whose existence I had never until that moment been apprised. They will be brought up and finished in such superb style as to Eclipse all of the Kind in Existence, the price of each number is Two Guineas—and all Individuals have the privileges to subscribe for all or any portion of it … The Little Drawings in the center of these beautifull Large Sheets have a fine effect and an air of Richness & wealth that cannot but help ensure success in this Country—I cannot yet say that I will ultimately succeed, but at present all bears a better aspect than I ever expected to see. Find and download all 435 of the Birds of America prints, in high resolution, at audubon.org/birds-of-america. Great Blue Heron, American Flamingo, and Wild Turkey are three of the most valuable prints of The Birds of America. Returning to Louisville, Audubon discovered a talent for portraiture and for a time found steady work. SP. Audubon recalled the second decade of the nineteenth century as “a succession of vicissitudes. As in Audubon’s original paintings, the birds were presented at full size — what Audubon called “the size of life.” Audubon’s 435 bird images can be grouped by size. Audubon’s commercial ventures continued to founder: the New Orleans business and Henderson mills all failed, and he lost a significant stake investing in a Mississippi River steamboat with George Keats, brother of the poet. C $207.32. As for his painting, he captured so many new subjects that The Birds of America was eventually extended to 87 parts totaling 435 engraved plates, many of which depicted more than one species. Since the book hadn’t been moved or handled much, “the quality of the coloring is absolutely spectacular,” Becker says. Condition: Very Good. The Audubon Amsterdam Edition and Price Guide The 1971-72 publishing of the Audubon Amsterdam Edition was the first complete full size facsimile reproduction of John James Audubon s original (1826-38) Havell Edition of Birds of America. Audubon then partnered with his brother-in-law, Thomas Bakewell, in various commercial ventures, including a merchandising house in New Orleans and a sawmill and gristmill in Henderson. Audubon’s wife accepted the children as her own, and in 1794 both were formally adopted by the couple; the boy took the name Jean-Jacques Fougère Audubon. To have seen me going shooting in black satin smallclothes, or breeches, with silk stockings, and the finest ruffled silk shirt Philadelphia could afford, was, as I now realize, an absurd spectacle …”), Audubon came to favor buckskin and homespun. Irmscher, Christoph, ed. Elephant folio … Price $75.00. Audubon sold 186 subscriptions to the complete folio of The Birds of America, each of which commanded the princely sum of $1,000—the cost of a substantial home at that time. Spread the word. Large images (20 percent of the total) take up most of a double elephant folio sheet while medium images (another 20 percent) include a moderate margin and small images (the final sixty percent) have very large margins. It should be mentioned that the common names of the birds as indicated on this site are derived from the revised edition of Audubon’s Birds of America: The Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio by John James Audubon and edited by Roger Tory Peterson and Virginia Marie Peterson (Abbeville Press: NY, 1990). John James Audubon: A Biography. (Although Audubon did not subscribe to Wilson’s work, he did own a copy. Audubon, John James. While supervising the work—or leaving his son Victor to do so—Audubon made trips back to America to look for subscribers and—more significantly—to find and paint more birds. In November Audubon was introduced to the engraver who could make his grand vision a reality: William Home Lizars of Edinburgh. We explore the most likely options behind the mystery birds. San Marino, California, (2006). “I felt surprised and gratified at the sight of his volumes, turned over a few of the plates, and had already taken a pen to write my name in his favour, when my partner rather abruptly said to me in French, ‘My dear Audubon, what induces you to subscribe to this work? … Audubon is the greatest of bird painters; he belongs to American history, and as a writer he described things that human eyes will never see again.”. These common names are officially designated by the American Ornithological Union. Quick View. Fries, Waldemar H. The Double Elephant Folio. London, 2004, Irmscher, Christoph, ed. In the essay “My Style of Drawing Birds,” Audubon wrote that his father “constantly assured me that nothing in the world possessing Life and animation was easy to imitate, and that as I grew older he hoped I would become more & more assured of this. Second Edition Prints by John James Audubon. Instead, every dollar will be invested into environmental causes by the consignor, the Knobloch Family Foundation (KFF), a private, family-run organization that focuses on “place-based conservation,” primarily in Texas, Georgia, and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. But, despite his frequent later residencies in Europe promoting and overseeing the production of The Birds of America, most of his life was spent in the United States, which he travelled from Philadelphia to Florida and from Boston to the Badlands. The Double Elephant Folio Hardcover – 2006 by Waldemar H. Fries. George Ord, Wilson’s friend and editor, and Charles-Lucien Bonaparte, the ex-Emperor’s nephew who was at the time writing a supplement to Wilson’s earlier work, ensured that Audubon’s project was given a cool reception by the established and scientific and publishing communities in the United States. In his monumental masterpiece, viz., the Double Elephant Folio Edition of the Birds of America published during 1827-1838, the naturalist John James Audubon published 435 drawings of the birds he drew from his observations in Nature. In the 2010 Sotheby's Auction, the Lord Hesketh 4-volume set of Audubon's The Birds of America sold for a record-breaking $11.5 million ! The Amsterdam Edition reproduced all 435 original plates on fu ll double-elephant folio sized paper. The four-volume masterpiece could raise $8-12 million, potentially setting a record value for John James Audubon's crowning achievement. … It is not the Naturalists that I wish to please altogether I assure thee; it is the wealthy part of the community. Lot 1: Audubon Aquatint Engraving, Long-tailed or Dusky Grous. Part 1: Double Elephant Bien.John James Audubon died in 1851. But his life now had but a single purpose: in 1823 he recorded in his journal that “I have finally determined to break through all the binds and pursue my ornithological pursuits. One of those early nineteenth-century books of ornithological illustration that Audubon politely dismissed was given to him by this father. The Audubon Reader. Audubon was speaking of himself as much as his fellow-citizens when, in an 1833 letter, he urged the engraver Robert Havell, Jr., to be as accurate as possible in the finishing and coloring of the plates based on his watercolors: “Americans are excellent Judges of Work particularly of Such as are drawn from their Country’s Soil—they are proud of every thing that is connected with America, and feel Mortified when ever any thing is done that does not come up to their Sanguine expectations.”. This is an unusually large and brilliantly colored copy, with the plates in very early state: all ten first plates are engraved by Lizars alone, prior to retouching by Havell Jr, and 141 of Low’s 150 variable plates are present in the first state. The first can only speak well or Ill of me but the Latters will fill my pockets. … We hunted together, and obtained birds which he had never before seen; but, reader, I did not subscribe to his work, for, even at that time, my collection was greater than his.”, Alexander Wilson, who is still remembered as one of the pioneers of American ornithological study, never wrote of meeting Audubon—not unusual, perhaps, since he died in 1813, long before the younger man’s work had become well known. New York, 1988, Fries, Waldemar H. The Double Elephant Folio. He was granted an audience with the Earl of Derby at Knowsley Hall, site of a famous private menagerie that was to be recorded in lithography by Edward Lear in 1846, and, among many notables, met Sir Walter Scott and ornithologists John Gould, Prideaux John Selby, and William Jardine—the last of whom he would accuse of pirating some of his images and accuse, in a letter to John Bachman, of “encumber[ing] the Whole of God’s Creation with Stuff as little like the objects of the Creator’s formations as the Moon is unto Cheese.”. Between 1827 and 1839, John James Audubon worked with Robert Havell, a London engraver to create the “Double Elephant Folio”. He won subscriptions from many prominent individuals and institutions and must have been particularly pleased that Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences and American Philosophical Society both subscribed. +C $26.32 shipping. He opened his books, explained the nature of his occupations, and requested my patronage. New York, (1999), Low, Susanne N. A Guide to Audubon's Birds of America. and he loved the natural world,” says Knobloch’s nephew, Steve Sharkey, one of the directors of the KFF. Top Rated Seller. “He had an unusual sense of aesthetics, and he liked collecting art . The watermarks of the first ten images identify this copy as one of the first Audubon received a subscription for. Amsterdam Edition. All untrimmed Audubon originals are one of only three sizes. Help power unparalleled conservation work for birds across the Americas, Stay informed on important news about birds and their habitats, Receive reduced or free admission across our network of centers and sanctuaries, Access a free guide of more than 800 species of North American birds, Discover the impacts of climate change on birds and their habitats, Learn more about the birds you love through audio clips, stunning photography, and in-depth text. Photo: Dick Dickinson/Audubon Photography Awards, Winter Hawk (now Red-shouldered Hawk). The Double Elephant Folio August 18, 2017 From his earliest conception of The Birds of America, Audubon intended that each bird would appear life-sized and, in some cases, alongside plants, wildlife (including other birds), and other environmental elements. This item: Audubon's Birds of America: The Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio by John James Audubon Hardcover CDN$212.99 Only 2 left in stock. CCLVIII. You can unsubscribe from Sotheby’s emails at any time by clicking the “Manage your Subscriptions” link in any of your emails. Knobloch had grown up on a farm in Connecticut and enjoyed hunting, fly fishing, and other outdoorsy pursuits. Revised edition with update by Susanne N. Low. Audubon’s move may have been prompted partially by his failure to qualify for naval officer training, but it was more likely a ploy to avoid conscription into Napoleon’s army. Also during this period the Audubons had four children: Victor was born in 1809, John Woodhouse in 1812 (the same year Audubon became a naturalized citizen), Lucy in 1815, and Rose in 1819. Or take action immediately with one of our current campaigns below: The Audubon Bird Guide is a free and complete field guide to more than 800 species of North American birds, right in your pocket. Both efforts were successful. While the second fascicle was being printed, the colorists who worked for Lizars—reproducing the palettes of “pattern plates” assembly-line style—went on strike. In 1819 Audubon found employment with Western Museum Society in Cincinnati, not as an artist but as a taxidermist, no doubt employing the skills he learned from D’Orbigny in France all those years before. In 1827 Audubon began to issue the prints from the first edition of his monumental The Birds of America, which when completed ran to a total of 435 double elephant folio prints. The board meets three times a year to discuss opportunities and proposals, and their preference is for “data not deals,” according to the statement. Elephant Folio: Above the folio size, paper sheets come in a variety of measurements. Audubon’s “Great Work” was called the “Double Elephant Folio”, the “Birds of America” or the “Havell Edition”. At Mill Grove, too, Audubon first developed the techniques that would inform his drawings with such vitality and precision that could be seen, not simply as scientific representations of a species, but as revealing psychological portraits of individuals. Waking one morning with the inspiration that he had dreamt of a new discovery, Audubon, eschewing breakfast, took his gun to the Perkioming Creek, shot a kingfisher, and quickly brought it home. It should read “J. The newly printed Baby Elephant Folio presents all 435 of Audubon’s hand-colored engravings in exquisite reproductions derived from the original plates of the National Audubon Society’s archival copy of the rare Double Elephant Folio. There he took a soft board and sharpened pieces of wire and “pierced the body of the Fishing bird and fixed it onto the board—another Wire passed above his upper Mandible was made to hold the head in a pretty fair attitude, Smaller Skewers fixed the feet according to my notions, and even common pins came to my assistance in the placing the legs and feet.—the last Wire proved a delightful elevator to the Bird’s Tail and at Last there Stood before me the Mankin of a Kings Fisher!

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