Weed is commonly called lingering, pot or hash and is consumed either by eating, smoking or by soaking it in tea. It is simple to consume this drug in big amounts while eating it and therefore most cases of over dosing often arise from this. There’s also a variety of ways in which this drug can be smoked.

Whether the body is exposed to this plant in little or large amounts, side-effects are a sure fall out. Side-effects of using cannabis vary from the easy increase in appetite to much graver threats like lung cancer.

Let us explore what pot is actually capable of doing to the body. Effects on the regulatory system in the brain Making a practice of smoking or eating pot can be tragic for the brain. The drug has effects on the chemical balance in the regulatory system and the pleasure centre of the brain. This disequilibrium in turn makes adaption to changes slower and starts influencing things like memory and learning capability. Depression Depression is also another common indicator that comes with the utilization of pot. This symptom is a dangerous cycle as the individual shortly finds him or herself using the drug to lose the depression which has been due to the drug to start with. Withdrawal and obsessive-ness Cannabis users also have dreadful withdraw symptoms when the drug isn’t accessible to them. They regularly have longings that are wild and these can end up in results that are damaging. Physical issues Just as it has effects on the brain, smoking weed can also have atrocious effects on a person’s motor capabilities like respiring.

Recurring utilisation of the drug increase the respiring, heart and blood rate therefore leading to taxing of the body. This in turn leads to the speeding up of the ageing and therefore increases the hazards of carcinoma of the lungs, strokes and coronaries. Effect on male hormonal system Hormone Level Disequilibrium Spit Test Kit Safe and simple to use Since marijuana has effects on the chemical centre of the brain, it plays havoc with the hormone levels in the body. In men it lowers the level of testosterone. This will occasionally lead to the enlarging of boobs. Effects on the female hormonal system Blow has the reverse effect on the female hormonal system. If it can reduce the testosterone levels in men then it increases it in girls.

This leads on to irregular monthly cycles. However this condition can be reversed. Reproduction in men and weed abuse aside from having an effect on the hormones, blow additionally has a negative affect on the sperm in a person. Use of this drug can cause a low sperm density and a rise in the number of juvenile and aberrant sperm that’s produced.

Today cannabis is among the main reasons for sterility in males. Reproduction in girls and blow abuse Fertility sperm density Test Inexpensive in comparison to Lab Tests Cannabis can also play havoc with the female reproductive system. Besides irregular menstruation cycles it also impedes ovulation. Pregnancy the consequences of blow When a pregnant woman uses blow they’re in danger of having unhealthy babies. Babies born to women like these are typically smaller with birth weights that are lower than average. The nerve system of these babies may be highly influenced ; they start to show signals of scares, shocks and don’t react routinely to sound and light. They also have a tendency to have cries that are high pitched. Other common side-effects among other side-effects that are typically experienced due to weed abuse are hysteria, irritation, resentment, violent outburst, sleeplessness, red eyes, dry mouth and even outbursts that are violent. Read more : / 10-most-common-health-side-effects-of-using-marijuana.htmixzz1FTTmtpWU.