Lipitor Side Effects

Lipitor has been studied totally in trials, with masses of people worldwide having been guaged. In these studies, side effects happening in a bunch of folks taking the drug are always documented and compared on the side effects that happen in an identical bunch of folks taking a pill ( a “sugar tablet” with no active components ).

As a consequence, it’s possible to see what complications happen, how frequently they appear, and how they compare to the group taking the pill. In these studies, the most typical Lipitor side-effects included : * Headache — in up to 16.7 % of folks * Diseases — up to 10.3 p.c * Muscle pain — up to 5.6 percent ( see Lipitor and Muscle Agony ) * Gut rot — up to 5.3 % ( see Lipitor and Gut rot ) * Joint discomfort — up to 5.1 p.c ( see Lipitor and Joint Agony ) * Swelling of the sinuses ( sinusitis ) — up to 6.4 % * random injury — up to 4.2 %.

Other common complications that were noted in more than two to four p.c of folks included : * Unexplained rash * intestinal discomfort ( stomach pain ) * General sense of weakness ( asthenia ) * influenza * back stiffness * allergic response * Bowel obstruction * Redness of the sinuses ( sinusitis ) * Sore throat ( pharyngitis ). Lipitor side-effects to Report There are a considerable number of side-effects with Lipitor that you need to report right away to your health-care supplier.

These include, but aren’t restricted to : * indications of liver damage , for example yellow eyes or skin, higher right intestinal discomfort, dark urine, and raised liver enzymes ( see Lipitor Liver complications ) * Muscle agony, sensitiveness, or weakness, particularly if you also have a fever or feel sick, since these might be indicators of major breakdown of muscle, known as rhabdomyolysis ( see Lipitor and Muscle Agony ) * Heavy , unexplained changes in the quantity of pee you produce ( which could be a sign of kidney issues ) * indications of an allergic response ,eg : o A rash o Itching o Hives o Panting or breathing problems o Swelling of the mouth, tongue, or throat. Rare Lipitor side-effects During clinical tests, there were a considerable number of other complications which happened in under 2 % of folk while they took Lipitor. Because these complications are so unusual, it is tricky to tell whether or not they were due to the medicine or another factor. A number of these rare complications of Lipitor include, but aren’t restricted to : * shortage of appetite * Abdominal ulcer * Hepatitis * Asthma * Bloody nose * Depression * Memory loss ( absentmindedness ) * alopecia ( alopecia ) * Impotency ( sometimes called penile dysfunction or ED ) * Increased liver enzymes ( see Lipitor Liver complications ) * Ringing of the ears ( tinnitus ) * Fainting ( syncope ) * deafness * hypertension ( high blood pressure ) * Weight gain ( see Lipitor and Weight Gain ) * Gout.