Lamictal Side Effects

Here are the risks and potential side-effects of Lamictal treatment.

Nevertheless this list isn’t complete.

Lamictal may lead to heavy dermatitis that might have to be treated in a hospice.

Infrequently , deaths have been reported. Tell your health practitioner if you’re taking valproic acid ( Depakene ) or divalproex ( Depakote ), because taking these drugs with Lamictal may increase the probability of developing a significant rash. Some complications can be major. If you experience any of the following indicators, call your health practitioner immediately : * fits that occur more frequently, last for longer, or are dissimilar than the episodes you had during the past * rash, hives, fever, distressing sores in the mouth or irritation round the eyes, or swelling of lips or tongue * depression Some common side-effects that can happen with Lamictal include : * wooziness * headache * blurred or double vision * loss of balance or coordination * sleepiness * queasiness * puking * difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep * rash What Should I Tell My Health-care Pro ? Before starting taking Lamictal tell your health care pro if you : * are attempting to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breast-feeding * have or had heart, liver or kidney illness * have a blood disorder Can Other Drugs Or Food Affect Lamictal? Lamictal and certain other drugs can engage with each other. Tell your health care pro about all of the drugs you take including prescription and non-prescription drugs, vitamins, and herbal additions. Know the drugs you take. Keep a listing of them with you to show your health-care pro. Particularly tell your health care pro if you take : * valproic acid ( Depakene ) * divalproex ( Depakote ) * carbamazepine ( Tegretol ) * phenobarbital * phenytoin ( Dilantin ) * primidone ( Mysoline ) * contraception tablets * hormone replacement care ( HRT ) * rifampin ( Rifadin ) Is There anything more I want to Know? Some patients taking Lamictal have been given the incorrect medicine at the drugstore because other medicines have similar names. Examples of gear with similar names are Lamisil, lamivudine, Ludiomil, labetalol and Lomotil. if your Lamictal tablet looks different, check with the chemist to make sure that you’ve been given the proper medicine.