How to minimize side effects of blood donation?


When I used to donate blood, I would feel tired the next
day, but I had no other significant side effects. I always
drink plenty both before and after donating, but the last
two times I’ve had a low-grade fever (chills/sweats) and
significant joint stiffness for two days afterward.

Are there other steps I can take to minimize thes side
One of the answerers pointed to a web
site which states there are no side
effects. So do I believe an expert
or do I believe my “lying eyes” 🙂
I’ve gotten slightly sick both of the
last two times.

I wonder if the beds in the blood
mobile could be a vector for the flu
virus? Maybe the puncture wound makes
me more susceptible to infection?

I will mention that the Red Cross
person who took my blood did mention
that some people report “flu-like”
symptoms after donation, so maybe I’m
not the only person to experience this.