Hair Dye

Skin and other allergic responses pose the most important risk to hair dye users. It’s tough to say how many hair dye users suffer with allergic responses, as most don’t seek medical aid. But there are numerous cases where allergic reactions to hair dyes have been dreadful or maybe lethal. Signals of a mild reaction may only be irritation of the higher eyelids or edges of the ears, but in more terrible reactions, the entire head or body might be concerned. A grim kind of allergenic reaction is shock. When this occurs, the mouth and tongue swell and the airways confine. Anaphylaxis can be quickly deadly, and there were isolated cases of hair dyes causing shock. Skin reactions can happen on a person’s first exposure to hair dye, or can all of a sudden happen in somebody who has been using them long term. A patch test before each dyeing is necessary to help perceive skin allergies, but extraordinarily time dye is applied to the skin, the immune response may become sensitized, enlarging the chance of future allergenic response. Working as a hairstylist is associated with an elevated risk of skin allergies. One review found that 17-80% of stylists suffered from allergic responses on contact with hair dye ( Khumalo et al, 2006 ).