Preparation H Side Effects

Preparation H side effects and drug information

The medicine Preparation H is one of the brands of medicine made by the company Pfizer. Mainly used to reduce the inflammation in your blood vessels, Preparation H is usually used in treating hemorrhoids. 

Preparation H  
PubChem CID 6041
ChemSpider ID 5818
Protein binding 95%
Molar mass 167.205 g/mol
CAS ID 59-42-7
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What is Preparation H?

American Home Products (AHP) is the leading company that manufactures the product. Different formulations have been made to the product, including water-based gel, petroleum, or jelly-based and suppositories. It contains a wide range of different active ingredients, from simple caffeine moisturizer. 

In the preparation of some products under Preparation H, some have active phenylephrine, a substance that constricts the blood vessels. It is also more commonly used as a decongestant. It works by restricting the blood flow in the nasal areas and passages and will decrease the amount of mucus and the liquid flow it creates when you are experiencing runny noses. 

Since hemorrhoids are mainly caused by the blood vessels that are inflamed, it restricts the blood flow and reduces the swelling size, which reduces the pain and the discomfort you are feeling. 

Also, a different version of Preparation H contains hydrocortisone with its only active ingredient. Hydrocortisone is a substance that visibly reduces swelling and inflammation. 

There is also a Canadian formulation of the drug Preparation H that contains yeast extract known to be BioDyne. This extract is believed to have a good effect on your skin, including wrinkle removal, and moisturizing dry and irritated skin. Meanwhile, other subsidiary products may contain protective barriers like cocoa butter, hard fat, mineral oil, and shark liver oil that help prevent too much irritating skin when in contact with the stool. 

Does it make hemorrhoids go away?

Aside from temporarily relieving swelling, the medication also relieves burning pain and itching that is caused by hemorrhoids. Some of the effects decrease the swelling and the discomfort of the irritated part of the body by narrowing of the blood vessels in the area.

Alternative uses

Preparation H for Eyes

Aside from using Preparation H as a hemorrhoidal cream, some people also use it for the reduction of the puffiness and removal of the dark circles under their eyes. 

Anecdotal data and information state that Preparation H reduces the swelling of the person’s face because it is used to reduce the swelling that is caused by hemorrhoids. 

Although word of mouth has it that this is true, there is no proficient scientific evidence that will prove or support the claim on its effectiveness. The makers and manufacturers also stated that this should not be used as a part of some beauty program that people use to enhance their features. 

Preparation H for Wrinkles

Preparation H cream is also being used by some people to reduce wrinkles. According to anecdotal information, the ingredient contained in Preparation H, phenylephrine, can cause the reduction of swollen blood vessels, which eventually smoothens out the skin. However, there is no known scientific research to give evidence to the claim further.

Side Effects of Preparation H

There are many commonly known side effects of Preparation H, and this will depend on the reaction of your body to the medicine. What’s important is to tell your doctor should you feel the side effects be severe. Some of the common side effects include rectal pain and rectal burning, cause acne, especially if you are using the formulation that includes hydrocortisone, increase and rapid growth in body and facial hair, and changes and adjustments in the menstrual period. 

These are just the common side effects of Preparation H. To be prepared for what to expect, it is always recommended to ask your doctor or local pharmacist for advice. 

It would help if you also watched out for the serious side effects that may appear once you apply for medicine. These are the symptoms listed in the prescription that you need to read before using. Some of it include severe allergic reaction, just like hives, asthma, and difficulty in breathing, sudden swelling of the lips, the tongue, the face, and the throat, severe irritation or pain, and bleeding inside and outside the rectum area. 

People may also experience severe stomach pains, the seizures, then suddenly have severe migraine with blurred visions and ringing in the ears. Other side effects also include anxiety, confusion, uneven heartbeats that cause chest pain and muscle weakness. 

Dosage and Administration

The dosage and administration of Preparation H will be based on the medical condition and response of the patient to its treatment. It is necessary to remember that the doctor knows how to cure the illness, so it is a must to trust him on his prescriptions. A patient shall never use this beyond the allotted time recommended.

There are also different formulations of Preparation H, and this will depend on the kind. Each formulation will have different dosage fitted for your medical condition. 

If you are using the ointment kind, it is necessary to cleanse the affected area before applying the ointment. You can pat or blot the area with a cleansing wipe and gently dry pat it with a tissue or clean, soft cloth. Only after cleansing should you put the ointment. This should be applied to the affected area on an average of 4 times daily, especially during the night, in the morning, and every after-bowel movement. 

For intrarectal use or inside the rectum area, you have to detach the cover from the applicator, then attach the applicator to the tube, lubricate the applicator properly and then gently insert the applicator inside the rectum. Do not forget to also apply the ointment in the outer part of the rectum. The regular use of the ointment continuously provides therapy for the relief of symptoms. 

Remember not to use the ointment if the tube seal with the cap embossed with “H” is broken.

For the application of maximum strength cream, just like with the ointment, you have to clean the affected area first with a clean cloth or cleansing wipes. Then apply externally on the lower area of the anal canal or to the affected area, up to four times a day, especially during the nighttime, in the morning, and every after-bowel movement. 

If you are using suppositories to treat your hemorrhoids, you will experience an entirely different process. After cleansing the affected area, you will not apply anything. Instead, you will need to insert the suppository. You have to detach one suppository from the other on the strip, then remove all the foil wrapper before you insert it in your rectum. It would help if you held the suppository down with the rounded end up, carefully separate the foil tabs by inserting the tip of your fingernail at the end of the foil that is marked “peel down,” and then slowly and evenly peel apart the foil by pulling the tabs down to both sides, until suppository is exposed. Then you need to remove the exposed suppository and insert one in your rectum up to four times a day.

The last kind of Preparation H is the cooling gel. For the administration, follow the same process of applying the ointment.

What to do with Missed Dose of Preparation H?

Preparation H is a needs-based medicine, so there is a very low chance of missing a dose. However, it is still necessary to apply it as recommended by your doctor. If you missed a dose of Preparation H, use it as soon as you remember.

Drug Interaction

Your doctor must know about your medical condition and history for them to be able to decide what will be the best kind of Preparation H to give you. That is the reason why it is very recommended for them to know about all the prescription and non-prescription drugs you are taking. It also includes the herbal, the nutritional, the recreational, and even the dietary medicines that you are currently administering or planning to administer in the future, most especially if the drugs include anti-depressants, blood pressure medication, and diabetes maintenance including insulin.

Warnings and Precaution

Before taking Preparation H, you must tell your doctor if your medical conditions include heart diseases and any heart problems, high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, or if you have any problems with urination, a thyroid disorder, and diabetes. This will help your doctor decide which kind of Preparation H best suits your medical condition.

If, by any chance, you are also using or taking in drugs that have hydrocortisone, tell your doctor if you had a history of tuberculosis, stomach ulcer, colostomy, kidney disease, diverticulitis, or a form of inflammatory bowel disease, or an autoimmune neuromuscular disease called Myasthenia Gravis.

Using the medicine longer than recommended might worsen your situation, so do not apply the medication longer than prescribed. You shall not use any phenylephrine rectal formulation longer that one week or seven days in a row.

Also, do not hesitate to tell your doctor about your situation. If your symptoms have improved after applying for the medicine, or if it has only made your symptoms worse. It is also necessary for your doctor to know if you are experiencing any rectal bleeding while on Preparation H.

With products that contain hydrocortisone, immediately alert your doctor once shortness of breath, rapid weight gain, and swelling in the feet or ankles is felt.

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