Neprinol side effects and drug information

Neprinol is a legal drug. It was manufactured by Arthur Andrew. The drug is used to breakdown fibrin compounds in the human body. Fibrinogen is a kind of compound that helps in the forming and clotting of scars in areas of the skin where there is a rupture, bruise, cut, or pierce. The drug also helps skin cells to regenerate faster.

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As people age, the natural production of enzymes in the body decreases. These enzymes play an important role in circulation, digestion, as soon as fibrin control.  The moment they are being spread too thinly; they won’t be able to keep the fibrin at healthy levels.

When the fibrous protein in the clotting of the blood or also known as fibrin gets is not in control, the following is likely to be experienced.

● Discomfort and fatigue

● Poor blood circulation

● Higher blood viscosity

● Delayed healing

Although ageing is unavoidable, the symptoms related to extreme stages of fibrin do not need to be. This is where Neprinol comes in as it offers the perfect mixture of different systemic enzymes needed by the body for good circulation and enhanced joint comfort.

In addition, the drug is a combination of normal systemic enzymes that help support amounts of fibrin while it remains in the blood. Getting rid of the debris from the blood will support proper level function and strong cardiovascular and maintain healthy responses to daily activities.

The plant-based and microbial enzyme blend in Neprinol are verified to be over 500% tougher in terms of fibrinolytic activity as compared to other animal-based enzyme preparation based on third-party testing. This is not only effective but also vegan-friendly.

Neprinol: How it Works

This mixture of all-natural enzymes in the drug breaks down the debris in blood like extra fibrin and unwanted proteins. The breakdown of these components aids the normal inflammatory levels in response to stress, and to restore blood to the natural state. This is like digestive enzymes. But the main difference is the fact that systemic enzymes mainly aim the bloodstream and not a gastrointestinal tract.

Advanced Fibrin Protection

Fibrin is mainly a primary component of blood clotting and scar tissue. A healthy adult has a standard fibrin symmetry that prevents blood from getting too sticky and thick. But ageing bodies need more tough time to maintain appropriate blood viscosity.

Neprinol has a balance of fibrinolytic enzymes which encourages vigorous blood viscosity. If one is healthy, the body secretes enough plasmin, a kind of enzyme that serves as a normal blood thinner. It is also plasmin that is accountable for keeping normal blood thickness. This is done by removing proteins that are not necessary like fibrin. Neprinol like most viscosity enzymes helps the healthy fibrin points.

Neprinol and Blood Viscosity

Blood viscosity is one of the bases of the blood’s viscosity to freely flow through the veins and arteries in circulatory systems. This is also defined as the stickiness and thickness of the blood. High blood viscosity means that there is an increase in the fight of the standard blood flow. This causes abrasion and friction against vessel walls. This may also lead to reduced oxygen delivery to tissues and organs.

In recent clinical studies, Neprinol drug has a great effect on normalizing the entire blood viscosity, thus reducing the stickiness and thickness of the blood.

Effective Support to the Immune System

The immune system is the biological system of the body that defends itself from different diseases. Among the best ways to protect the human body is the production of antibodies in response to antigens. These antigens are anything in the human body that can induce an immune response. Such may include viruses, bacteria, and pollen. Antibodies, on the other hand, can de-activate antigens. But as this happens, they also generate proteins in bloodstreams.

The maximum enzymatic strength of a neprinol drug could help get rid of these proteins, support the natural repair procedures of the body, and limit inflammation of the pancreas resulting from overexertion. Efficacy of great importance to both patients and doctors. The drug addresses the concern with its confirmed potency that could be directed by healthcare professionals. Moreover, the drug is suggested for both therapeutic applications and clinical use. One can bid goodbye to poor circulation and joint discomfort with this drug.

Side Effects

As is the case with other medications like sildenafil , some side effects to Neprinol have been reported. But such vary from one person to another and they could range from mild to moderate to severe in some cases. There are also patients who experienced no side effects at all.

Some major side effects are often associated with the use of other drugs and they are often minor as the product contains natural ingredients and do not have derivatives from animals. Current research also shows that overdosage of the drug will not have major health side effects, but it is advised to take the drug as required.

If the doctor recommends the drug, the person should never take less than or more than what is stated. The FDA has classified the drug as a supplement as tests and studies on its efficacy in the prevention and fighting diseases is still ongoing. It is also often administered as an inflammatory agent or a pain killer. It is also used to relieve arthritis, acidity, joint pain, and hypertension.

Some of the most commonly reported side effects are headache, chronic neck pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and other stomach issues. A person needs to consult with a doctor first, especially when taking anticoagulants as the side effects of the Ativan drug can be severe when administered at the same time with a drug that can thin human blood. The majority of the side effects are reactions of the body to the intense detoxification and cleansing effect of the birth control drug.

Clinical Pharmacology

Neprinol is a type of proprietary combination of nattokinase, serrapeptase, lipase, protease, amla, papain, rutin, and other types of proteolytic enzymes that are formulated to support a healthy fibrin level.


Fibrinolytic enzyme from the fermentation of Bacillus subtilis. This can help maintain normal blood viscosity and normal cardiovascular health.


A proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzyme that comes with powerful fibrinolytic activity supports healthy fibrin. Such was reported to support mucus viscosity. It also encourages normal recovery afterwards of some physical stress.


Used properly, the enzyme digests fats that are present in the blood. It also converts fats to fatty acids, that can be retained as energy.


A proteolytic kind of enzyme. When available in blood serum, it plays a significant role in the health of the blood. It also supports a strong immune system while improving circulatory health.


This is derived from the Indian Gooseberry. It has cellulose, glucose, tannic acid, and calcium. This helps keep pH balance and has high concentrations of vitamin C.


The proteolytic enzyme from papaya fruit that promotes normal healing, as well as mouth inflammation resulting from overexertion.


A flavonoid or plant pigment that is helpful in preserving strong capillaries, connective tissues, and healthy blood vessels.


Reduces free radical propagation, thus supporting a vigorous immune system. This Co-Q10 is helpful in maintaining normal cardiovascular functions. It is also a coenzyme that is needed for an enzyme to work in the body.


Encourages a healthy cardiovascular system and is important in hormones, cell repair, and a steady heartbeat. Magnesium is also helpful in reducing the effects of stress.

Indication and dosage

Directions: Take Neprinol along with 8oz of water on empty stomachs. For large amounts, divide them into 2 or 3 servings a day.

Maintenance: 2-3 capsules a day.

Increased Support: 6 capsules a day.

Therapeutic: 9 capsules a day.

Warnings and Precautions

No adverse side effects have been reported from taking Neprinol. Clinical studies showed that even large doses of these enzymes are not considered toxic. If you are taking blood-thinning medication, it is important to consult with a doctor before taking Neprinol.

 Neprinol can be used safely with other types of dietary supplements.

Although it may greatly vary, some people reported feeling the effect of systemic enzymes in as fast as 45 minutes. In the case of therapeutic regimens, the progression can be slower and quicker for some. Normally, taking it for at least a month is recommended. Its best results often happen anywhere from 1-3 months thereafter.

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