Delsym symptoms, causes and treatment

Cough is a common condition for many, and Delsym is one of the medicines that is often prescribed to a person who has it. But Delsym only treats cough that was caused by cold and flu. It is not a recommended solution for cough caused by asthma, smoking, and emphysema. 

When it comes to brand, you have multiple choices available in the market. It is best to talk with your doctor and discuss which brand is best for you.

Important Information

Taking this medicine as a cough suppressant is not advisable if you used an MAO inhibitor for the past 14 days since it can cause a dangerous drug interaction. The MAO inhibitors have the presence of linezolid, isocarboxazid, methylene blue injection, rasagiline, phenelzine, tranylcypromine, selegiline, and many more. Other conditions that will stop you from taking Delsym are:

  • Never take Delsym if you are allergic to this medicine
  • If you have other medical conditions, discuss with your doctor or pharmacist if it’s safe to take this medication
  • Delsym is not recommended for children under four years old
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, discuss with your doctor or pharmacist if it’s safe to take this medication

How you should take Delsym?

Below are the best tips when taking this drug for cough suppressant :

  • Take medicine according to the label’s direction or as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. Remember that cough or cold medicine is good for adults and children 12+ for short-term use. You have to stop taking it when your condition gets better.
  • When measuring a liquid medicine, use the provided dosing syringe or a dose-measuring device. Never use a kitchen spoon when taking this medication.
  • When your condition does not improve after seven days, you have to tell your doctor about it. Other symptoms that will require your doctor’s advice is when you have rashes, fever, or headaches while taking the medication. 
  • If you need to undergo surgery or medical examination, you have to inform your doctor beforehand that you are taking Delsym.
  • The medicine must be kept at room temperature. Do not freeze and avoid moisture, light, and heat. 

What happens when you missed a dose?

When you are using cold or cough medicine like Delsym, you are only taking the prescribed dose as needed. There is no dosing schedule for this type of medication. In case you missed a dose, you can skip. Never take two doses at the same time.

What happens if you overdose?

If you feel signs of overdose, you have to call for medical help immediately. 

What you should avoid when taking Delsym?

When you are taking Delsym, you have to avoid hazardous activities such as driving.

Further Information

This medicine must be kept away from the reach of the children since Delsym is not recommended for a person under four years old. You should never share this medication with others, and always take it as prescribed by your doctor.

Side Effects

Delsym is safe to use when you follow the right instructions from your doctor. But this medicine can bring side effects to other people. But most of these reactions are mild and self-limiting such as:

Delsym dosage and Administration

Delsym can be prescribed for both adults and children over four years old. The following is the recommended dosage:

  • 12 years old and above – 2 teaspoons (10 mL) every 12 hours, and not more than two teaspoons (20 mL) in 24 hours
  • Children 6 to 12 years old – 1 teaspoon (5 mL) every 12 hours, and not more than two teaspoons (10 mL) in 24 hours
  • Children 4 to under six years old – 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 mL) every 12 hours, and not more than one teaspoon (5 mL) in 24 hours

Drug Interaction

You need to avoid taking Delsym when you are using other medication or drug that slows your breathing and drowsiness. Some of the examples are muscle relaxer, opioid medicine, or medicines for seizures and anxiety. If you have started using Delsym, talk to your doctor before you take another medication such as herbal products, vitamins, and other over-the-counter medicines because it may occur bad side effects.

Warnings and Precautions

It is very easy to get overdosed with this medication. If you take three times high of the recommended dose for your condition, you have a high chance of getting overdosed. The side-effects of this medication during overdosing may vary from one person to another. Factors that could affect the reaction are body size and the patient’s history with the drug. Be careful of the side effects and with Delsym dosing when using this cough relief. When you get overdosed with dextromethorphan, some of the severe side effects that you need to observe are:

Other more severe signs of overdosing are excessively rapid heart rate, temporary loss of eyesight, and mental blackouts. When one or more of these conditions happen to you, you need to call for emergency medical attention immediately. You need to get the proper medication to avoid the worst situation, such as death.

Overdose and Contraindications

You should never take Delsym if you are using monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), or you have taken this type of medication for the past two weeks. MAOIs are a type of drug that is prescribed for people who have conditions such as anxiety, depression, and other behavioral and mental disorders. This medicine can react with Delsym and can cause serious health issues in your body.

When your condition did not get better after seven days of taking Delsym, you have to discuss it with your doctor. If you are experiencing fever for more than three days while taking this medication, you have to inform your doctor as well, so he can give you the proper advice for your condition. The same rules can be applied to a child who has the same conditions.

Medication Guide

If you are taking Delsym, you have to follow every medication guide that comes with this medicine. When your doctor has prescribed this medication, you need to listen and understand his every instruction. You have to keep in mind that Delsym is medicine for a cough that was caused by flu or cold. If you think your coach was caused by smoking or asthma, you have to tell your doctor so he can recommend other medicine that is right for your condition. Some other important medication guide to follow while taking Delsym are:

  1. Take the medication orally – this medication must be taken by mouth every four to 12 hours, as needed, or as prescribed by your doctor. In case you experience an upset stomach after taking medicine, you have to take it with food or milk next time.
  2. Use a measuring device for liquid medication – if you were given with liquid medicines, you have to measure it carefully by using a medication-measuring device. You should never use a spoon when taking medicine to avoid getting the wrong dosage. If you were prescribed with suspension, make sure to shake it well before you take your dosage.
  3. The dosage will vary because of different factors – many factors will affect the dosage of your medication. Your medical history, age, and response to treatment will determine your right dosage. If you choose to take this medication without consulting your doctor (self-treatment is allowed with Delsym, but it is not recommended), you need to follow the dosing instructions of the product for your age. You can find it in the medicine’s packaging.
  4. Follow your doctor’s instructions – in most cases, your doctor will instruct you to take this medication daily. If you want to maximize the effect of Delsym, you have to follow your doctor’s instructions. When you are someone who often forgets his medication, it is advised that you take this medicine at the same time every day. For example, if you have started taking Delsym after breakfast, continue it for the following days. It will help you avoid missing your dose for the day.
  5. Never increase your dose – although this medicine is used to treat a simple cough, you should never abuse or misuse it because it can result in serious conditions such as seizure, brain damage, or even death. You should never increase your dosage unless your doctor gave you the instruction to do so. You should not take it frequently as prescribed or longer than your doctor’s recommendation. If you were given the direction to stop taking Delsym, you have to do it properly.
  6. Always update your doctor – when you think there is no improvement with your condition after taking Delsym for more than a week, you have to inform your doctor immediately. Another situation that will require your doctor’s advice is when you have fever, headache, chills, or rash while taking the medication. This will allow your doctor to reassess your status. Some of these signs could mean a more serious condition.

A simple cough caused by flu and cold can be easily treated with Delsym as long as you follow the precise instructions that come with this medication.

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