Clay water

Radioactive waste can be buried in clay and eventually become un-toxic. This same method can work within a person’s body using clay water. Clay water is a type of natural medicine. Clay water can also be thought of as a preventive measure against radiation and other illnesses.

Clay water isn’t just any kind of mud or dirt and it doesn’t taste like childhood mud pies. Clay water looks like it sounds, after you have mixed the water in with the clay, the clay sinks to the bottom and the water on top is like a drinkable medicine. Some of the side effects of drinking clay water are: protection from radiation and food poisoning, a cleansed colon, a more proper bacterial balance in the intestines and more.

If you live on planet earth you have been exposed to radiation. Things like heat and light are natural sources of radiation and are not dangerous. The dangerous kinds of radiation come from nuclear explosions and other man-made things.

Dangers of radiation:

  • Stochastic:  long-term low-level exposure, this type of radiation exposure can create cancer. It can also cause changes in DNA called mutations.
  • Non-stochastic: high levels of exposure, this type of radiation exposure becomes more dangerous with increased exposure.
  • Acute: short-term high-level exposure, this type of exposure can cause more immediate danger including burns, hair loss, nausea and more.

Clay water is able to protect people from radiation because when clay comes in contact with something toxic the clay and the toxin form a bond called an electromagnetic bond and the clay actually changes the toxic material into another compound that is no longer toxic. Radiation is a toxic material so drinking clay water can help protect you from radiation.

Not all clays are meant to be eaten. Some types of healing clays that can be orally ingested include: bentonite, montmorillonite and illite.

Clay water does have some negative side effects like a temporarily spiked blood pressure and a lessened effect of other medications. The negative side effects are only applicable to people with clinically diagnosed iron intolerance, those who are taking other medications and those with high blood pressure. When used correctly, clay water can cure and or sooth skin problems. It can also detoxify the body.

Clay water is a natural medicine that can benefit the body in many ways. The most obvious way is that it cleanses the body of dangerous toxic or radioactive materials.