The 7 dangers of penis pump that you must know

In the world of penis devices, you are essentially limited to two specific types of products – penis traction devices and penis pumps. There are different versions of both types of products from different manufacturers, but both types of products have risks if they are not used correctly.

In the case of penis pumps, not only does the wide variety and quality of the products affect how safe these types of devices are, since a penis pump uses a pressure vacuum to increase the flow of blood into the penis, but this in itself opens up a whole new possibility of the dangers and risks involved in using a penis pump.

Below is my list of top 7 dangers and risks associated with the use of penis pumps – dangers that you should be aware of and can avoid to ensure that you do not injure yourself when using such a device.

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Cost & Quality of a Penis Pump

For any savvy consumer, price is always a factor when buying any type of product. The same goes for penis pumps; you don’t want to buy the most expensive product on the market if you can get the same quality and results with slightly cheaper material.

Unfortunately, with penis pumps, you could run into problems if you start saving money, especially if you are serious about using your penis pump in the long run.

You can easily buy a penis pump for $20-$30 through a sex toy store or online through major retailers like eBay and Amazon. However, if you pay more, you can expect to get a product of much higher quality – if you save on price, this is where you run into one of the first dangers of penis pumps.

Namely, by not investing in a high quality, durable product (given the fact that we’re talking about creating a pressure vacuum within a cylinder), this lack of quality, if the components of a penis pump are not durable enough over a long period of time and with prolonged use, can potentially cause the cheaper, lower quality penis pump devices to crack and even break during even brief use.

Of course, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that if you have your penis in a penis pump, there are associated risks if the plastic cylinder begins to crack or even break during use.

Cost and quality of penis pumps

If you increase your budget and decide to purchase a slightly more expensive penis pump, especially for those who use water instead of air (which we will talk about in a moment), you can expect that the quality of the penis pump cylinder will be of much higher quality so that your device will literally not break under the pressure.

In our experience, even higher priced penis pumps are generally attractive and benefit from manufacturing certificates and standards, and in some cases are even classified as medical grade products because they have undergone appropriate tests and checks to determine their safety level. If you are seriously interested in using a penis pump for the long term, you should really focus on this classification of penis pumps, as they offer a level of safety and quality that the cheap, novel pumps simply cannot match.

Finally, a note on price: the cheaper products are usually a single, sealed unit that cannot be disassembled or disassembled, bearing in mind that this type of product may be more difficult to clean and therefore carry a higher risk of containing germs and bacteria.

Think not only about how the price of a product can affect the way you use the unit and the associated durability and effectiveness, but also how this affects the aftercare and cleaning of the unit after use.

Air penis pumps vs. hydraulic pumps

In the landscape of penis pumps there are two different types. The vast majority of penis pumps and the types of pumps that generally have a much lower price point are vacuum pumps based solely on air pressure.

These are usually cheap, low-quality products (although there are some higher quality, battery operated devices) that are more of a novelty than a serious penis enlargement pump. They are generally mass-produced at very low cost and are made of a variety of different plastic materials that vary in quality and durability. The main pump cylinder is then connected to a hand pump, which allows pressure to be generated within the cylinder.

At the other end of the spectrum there are so-called hydro-penis pumps, which essentially use water instead of air. The concept behind a hydro-pump is that water is thicker than air and can therefore provide a more supportive and comfortable experience compared to vacuum pumps that use air alone.

Air penis pumps vs. hydro penis pumps

Regarding the dangers and risks associated with penis pumps, although both types of air and water pumps are effective in achieving results, a hydraulic pump is always safer than a pure air pump to reduce the potential dangers, simply because of the quality of the product and the fact that water provides a much more supportive and comfortable environment for your penis inside the cylinder.

By using water instead of air, not only is the penis better supported inside the cylinder, but the pressure exerted on the penis is also much more even. This, combined with the comfort that water provides in a vacuum, means that your penis is much less prone to bruising and other injuries compared to a pure air pump.

It’s also worth noting that when using a water-based hydro penis pump, the water you use is warm – as a result, this warm water will also help to improve blood flow to the penis and your circulation, resulting in better overall results when using the device.

If you are interested in learning more about the technical side of air pumps versus water pumps, the following article on the physics of water pumping provides a fantastic level of detail on this particular topic and is a great read on the theory of why water pumping is the recommended approach when it comes to penis pumping devices.

Penis Pumping & Penis Health

Some of us are lucky enough to be fit and healthy, but others have not been quite so lucky. In connection with health conditions and how they can affect whether or not you should use a penis pump, we need to consider three specific factors.

First, medical conditions – if you have a blood disorder or have been diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia, these types of conditions can increase the risk of bleeding and blood clots.

Medical reasons against using a penis pump

If you suffer from either of these conditions, it is important to seek the expert advice of your own doctor before attempting to use a penis pump. The reality is that you will probably not be able to use a penis pump simply because of the dangers associated with your condition.

Second, medication – if you are taking blood-thinning medication, you have an increased risk of bleeding. Although the use of a penis pump should never cause physical damage if used correctly, remember that the use of a vacuum pump essentially forces blood through the penis and that this can cause unforeseen problems due to the use of blood thinners.

Blood thinners such as dabigatran (Pradaxa), heparin, warfarin (Coumadin) and apixaban (Eliquis) are just a few examples of medications that you probably do not want to take when using a penis pump.

Penis pump pressure

Many users of penis pumps, especially those who have never used such a device before, are often so eager for results that they throw caution to the wind and pump too hard in the initial phase of using the device.

As with many other forms of penis enlargement, achieving results is all about long-term, consistent application – as well as possible discomfort from excessive pumping or excessive pressure when using the device, two clear signs of excessive pressure are signs of bruising and the appearance of red spots on the penis.

If you feel uncomfortable while pumping, bruising or red spots on your penis, it is essential that you step away from the device and take rest days until you have recovered properly.

Simply continuing with what you are doing and going through the pain and discomfort is not a solution, as it can lead to numbness, tissue damage, ejaculation problems and other negative symptoms in the long run.

Penis Pump Pressure Relief

If you put too much pressure in the pump cylinder, at the other end of the spectrum, relieving the pressure on your penis pump too quickly can also have a very negative effect on your penis.

If you constantly find that your penis bruises after a session with the penis pump, you should consider the speed at which you release the pressure from the release valve.

Think of your penis like a deep sea diver – when you dive into very deep water, the pressure gets stronger the deeper you go. If you ascend from depth too quickly, you will essentially suffer from decompression sickness (also known as DCS or “The Bends”). In the same context, releasing the pressure from a penis pump too quickly may not be fatal, but due to the sudden and extreme change in pressure, bruising can and will occur, which may even cause permanent damage to your penis. Something you obviously want to avoid!

Pressure release valve of the penis pump

When searching for and selecting a suitable penis pump for your specific needs, always consider the outlet valve mechanism of the product so that you can release the pressure safely and effectively.

On another level, consider how easy the release valve button is to use – if it’s small or fiddly and you have big fingers, you may find it difficult to release pressure when you need it most. You shouldn’t fiddle around and try to operate a small release valve, as this will prolong your discomfort, not to mention you might panic and release the pressure too quickly (which we try to avoid).

Ideally, you should look for a product that has a release valve that can be released gradually so that you can control the amount of pressure released to give you the best comfort for your penis.

Psychological ED & Use of the Penis Pump

We have talked about penis pumps and the physical nature of using this type of equipment, but your mental health and psychological point of view may also be a danger in itself.

An erectile dysfunction can be caused by physical factors such as an injury, but also psychological causes, in this case especially the use of a penis pump, can lead to erectile dysfunction.

However, if you do not see the results you expected or if you simply do not see any results at all because it is simply too early, this can have very adverse and negative effects on your mental health.

Over the years I have heard of a number of people who have suffered from erectile dysfunction using a penis pump or other penis enlargement product.

Psychological erectile dysfunction and use of a penis pump

Although there are many reasons for the occurrence of erectile dysfunction, it is understandable and quite conceivable that at an unconscious level, if you do not achieve the hoped-for or expected results, additional pressure and stress (perhaps even in connection with your daily life, obligations and stress) may be at least partly responsible and have been seen to possibly cause erectile dysfunction.

Third and last, penile surgery – there are many reasons for penile surgery, from enlarging your penis to correcting erectile dysfunction to a simple cosmetic change. Apart from circumcision, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor first after penis surgery or surgery on the penis, testicles or the surrounding area, as with all health considerations we have discussed.

Penis pumps and penis health


If any of the above applies to you, or if you are simply not completely sure whether it is safe to use a penis pump, you should always consult a doctor or counselor to better understand whether your health concerns could possibly be aggravated by using a penis pump.

Penis Pump Pressure

Like any other product that you use and that relates to your penis, you must be careful and use it in moderation – not only in terms of the length of time you actually use the device, but also in terms of the pressure you achieve while pumping.

A penis pump should be used with caution and handled with care, and regardless of the type of penis pump you have (whether it uses air or water as its primary means of creating a vacuum), using too much pressure can eventually lead to some serious injury.

It is believed that if you push yourself and try to increase the pressure in the cylinder as much as possible, this will ultimately lead to better and faster results. This is wrong!

In many cases, when this happens, it is something that is essentially completely out of your control – you cannot directly influence or control how you think or feel on a subconscious level. However, if you are beginning to suffer from erectile dysfunction or feel that you are going backwards rather than forwards in your results, the best advice we can give is to move away from the penis pump.

Put the penis pump in the back of a closet and give your mind, body and penis a well rested rest. Take your time, come back in a few weeks and just try again.

Go too fast & don’t take breaks

Penis enlargement is by nature a long, drawn-out process (although some of you will obviously buy your penis pump because of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction).

If you have ever seen banners or advertisements that refer to any kind of penis enlargement and claim to make 3 inches of gains within weeks or a single month, you will be bitterly disappointed and probably severely disappointed.

Unless you opt for an invasive and painful surgical procedure, natural penis enlargement techniques – and this is essentially what penis pumps are – offer a natural, safe, but long-term solution to conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, while boasting the ability to increase both the length and girth of your penis.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding the use of such a product and the quoted potential results you can achieve – in most cases these quoted figures are usually achieved after many months of use, with considerable time, effort and dedication.

That’s why our final suggestion and recommendation regarding the dangers of penis pumps actually doesn’t relate to the product you bought, but to the person you are.

The process of using a penis pump, especially if you are looking for a penis enlargement, is long and tedious – penis pumps are not the product type for quick, immediate results. You must have the mentality that this process is not a sprint to the finish line, but a long-term endurance race.

Too fast with a penis pump

If you can adopt this concept, if you don’t exert yourself too much, if you don’t rush, if you don’t drive too fast, and if you remember to take at least two rest days during each week that you pump, not only will what you do and how you use your penis pump be much safer, but you will also reduce your risk of potentially catastrophic injury.

You will also have the positive attitude to get the most out of your penis pump and ultimately get the results you want. Take your time and stay positive!


High quality penis pumps

Combine this confidence in the penis pump you have chosen with the understanding that this process takes time and effort – if you can achieve this, you will be able to achieve the goal you originally set for yourself.

There is nothing better than this feeling of satisfaction when all the time and effort you have put in over the past few months is leading to the results you have been wishing for.

Would you like to know more about penis pumps? Take a look at this article that answers all the questions you need to know before buying such a device, or if you are ready to choose a vacuum pump according to your needs and budget, then my list of the best penis pumps for 2020 is an absolute must!