Albuterol Side Effects

Before using albuterol you shouldn’t use this medication if you’re allergic to albuterol. If you have precise circumstances, you could need a dose adjustment or special tests to safely use this medicine. Before using albuterol, tell your GP if you have : * heart illness, elevated blood pressure, or congestive cardiac arrest ; * a heart rhythm disorder ; * a fit disorder like epilepsy ; * diabetes ; or * overactive thyroid. If you’ve got any of these conditions, you’ll struggle to use albuterol, or you could need a dose adjustment or special tests during treatment. FDA pregnancy class C. This medicine might be damaging to a developing child. Tell your health practitioner if you’re pregnant or plan to fall pregnant during treatment. It’s not certain whether albuterol passes into breast milk or if it might harm a nursing baby. Don’t use Albuterol without telling your health practitioner if you are breast-feeding a baby.

How should I use albuterol? Use Albuterol precisely as it was prescribed for you. Don’t use the medicine in bigger amounts, or use it longer than advocated by your health practitioner. Follow the directions on your prescription label. Albuterol may increase the chance of asthma-related death. Use only the prescribed dose of this medication and follow all patient instructions for safe use. Talk with your doctor about your individual hazards and advantages of using albuterol. When using the inhaler device for the 1st time, prime it by spraying four test sprays into the air, away from your face. Shake well before preparing.

Also prime the inhaler if you’ve not used it for two weeks or longer, or if you have dropped the inhaler. The instructions below are for standard use of albuterol inhaler and nebulizer devices. Your GP may need you to use your device differently. Use only the inhaler device supplied with your medication or you may not get the proper dose. To make use of the inhaler : * Shake the canister well just before each spray. * Uncap the mouthpiece of the albuterol inhaler. Breathe out fully.

Put the mouthpiece into your mouth and close your lips. Breathe in slowly while pushing down on the canister. Stop breathing for ten seconds, then breathe out slowly. * If you use more than one inhalation at a time, wait at least one minute before using the second inhalation and shake the inhaler again. * Keep your albuterol inhaler dry and clean, and store it with the cap on the mouthpiece. Clean your inhaler once each week by removing the canister and putting the mouthpiece under warm running water for no less than thirty seconds. Shake out the surplus water and permit the parts to air dry absolutely before putting the inhaler back together. To use the solution with a nebulizer : * Measure the proper quantity of medication using the dropper provided, or use the correct number of ampules. Place the liquid into the medicine chamber of the nebulizer. * Attach the mouthpiece or facial to the drug chamber. Then, attach the drug chamber to the compressor.

Sit straight and place the mouthpiece into your mouth, or cover your nose and mouth with the facial mask. Breathe slowly and uniformly till you have breathed all the medication ( sometimes five to fifteen mins ).

The treatment is complete when the drug chamber is empty. * Clean the nebulizer after every use. Follow the cleaning directions that came with your nebulizer. Call your physician straight away if you should happen to feel that albuterol is not working as well as normal, or if it makes your condition worse. If it feels like you want to use more of any of your medications in a twenty four hour period, talk with your physician. It’s really important to keep Albuterol on hand at every point.

Get your prescription refilled prior to running out of medication utterly. Keep using your other medicines as prescribed by your health practitioner.

Store Albuterol at a comfortable temperature away from moisture and heat. Acute heat could cause the medication canister to burst. Don’t store it in your vehicle on hot days. Do not throw an empty canister into open flame.