About Us

SideEffects.com is a website that aims to help consumers become aware of all the possible side effects of the medicines they take. Most of the time, patients have no idea that the things they are experiencing are brought about by the medicine they have been prescribed. Knowing possible side effects, from the smallest itch or slightest tremor, can be empowering. It can help consumers make informed choices, as well as have a say on what medication they will put in their bodies.

Different people react differently to various medications. While drug and pharmaceutical boards approve the medicine for sale and distribution, our team of professionals remain watchful and scrutinize the accuracy of reports and research papers.

Our editorial team goes over the literature of various drugs, medication, and treatments. We list down the possible symptoms and reactions which may arise from taking them. We are diligent, dedicated, and put the best interest of our readers at heart.

SideEffects.com is committed to honesty, transparency, and uncompromised integrity. We have not partnered with pharmaceutical companies or research laboratories. We are an independent body working to serve the general public.