Lexapro Side Effects

Side Effects of Lexapro

FDA ALERT [07 / 2006] Possible Life- Threatening Serotonin Syndrome if used with Triptan Drugs A life threatening condition called serotonin syndrome can occur when drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors ,eg Lexapro, and drugs used to treat migraines known as 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor agonists, are used together.

Signs and evidence of serotonin syndrome include the following : * restlessness * hallucinations * loss of coordination * fast heart beat * increased body temperature * fast changes in blood pressure * overactive reflexes * the runs * coma * nausea * puking Serotonin syndrome might be likelier to happen when beginning or skyrocketing the dose of an SSRI or a triptan. This info comes from reports sent to FDA and data of how these drugs work. If you take headache headache drugs, ask your health care pro if your drugs are a triptan. Before you take Lexapro and a triptan together, speak with your health-care professional. If you’ve got to take these drugs together, be conscious of the chance of serotonin syndrome, and get hospital therapy straight away if you suspect serotonin syndrome is occurring to you. This information reflects FDA’s current research of information available to FDA concerning this drug.

Lexapro Side Effects

FDA proposes to update this sheet when further info or analyses become available. FDA ALERT [07 / 2006] Child Determined Pulmonary High blood pressure the result of a study that looked at the utilisation of mood suppressant drugs while carrying a child in mums of babies born with a serious condition called obstinate pulmonary high blood pressure of the newly born ( PPHN ) were latterly published in a medical book.

Babies born with PPHN have aberrant blood flow thru the heart and lungs and don’t get enough oxygen to their bodies. Babies with PPHN can be really sick and may die. Are There Any interplay with Drugs or Foods? * don’t take Lexapro with Celexa ( citalopram ), another drug used to treat depression, because they’re terribly similar and you might get an overdose.

* Lexapro may engage with drugs other than the ones already discussed in this info sheet. These interactions could cause heavy complications. Tell your health-care pro about all drugs, vitamins, and herbal additions you take. * If you intend to drink alcohol, talk with your health-care pro. How Do I’m taking Lexapro? Lexapro is taken by mouth, without or with food, precisely as prescribed by your health-care pro.